For me, whilst I’m feeling much better and not suffering from sickness, the time between now and when baby no 2 is born, is all about Grace.

Grace has been our one and only for the last two+ yeas and whilst she understands that ‘baby is in Mummy’s tummy’, she doesn’t really understand how she’ll be sharing Mummy and Daddy’s time, once ‘baby’ arrives.

So these next few months are all about making memories with Grace and preparing us all for becoming a family of four!

With the beach on our doorstep, we stepped out at the weekend for some fun and what fun Grace had, splashing around in the rock pools and digging in the sand.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, we’re looking forward to spending many more days doing just this and really spoiling Grace. I think anyone becoming a mum for a second time would do the same!

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FavColour150 writing

Collage 50 numbered

According to the various clothing pieces and accessories I’ve bought lately, I’d say my favourtie colour this Spring is coral and I’m pretty happy about that!

When you look through my wardrobe, look at the colour nails I’m sporting currently and even the lip balm and phone I’ve just upgraded to, you can clearly see that I’ve favourited coral so far this Spring. Well why not, it really is such a happy colour!

  1. iPhone 5c, in Pink
  2. elf, Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon
  3. Barry M, Nail Paint in Coral 296
  4. Shellac nails, especially mixed for me!
  5. New Look, Maternity Coral Burnout Lace Back T-Shirt

Next on my wish list is a coral coloured bag or satchel. Mine is burgundy, which doesn’t shout Spring to me! How about this beautiful Proenza Schouler bag, which unfortunately is WAY out of my price range (at approx $1,450) but there must be something equally gorgeous on the high street. I may just go into coral overload if I find one! Too excited!!

Do you noticeably have a favourtie colour so far this Spring? Was it subliminal like mine?

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elf Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon

As part of my April Beauty Wish List, I talked about my lusting for the elf Mellow Melon Conditioning Lip Balm*. So I’m really excited today to be able to show you how lovely Mellow Melon is in real life and how its every bit as gorgeous as I thought and hoped it would be.

As I mentioned previously, I first heard about elf Cosmetic’s Conditioning Lip Balms on an elf Show Live on YouTube and since then, I’ve wanted to try one, especially Mellow Melon.

What do elf Say?

‘With the e.l.f. Conditioning Lip Balm, lips get treated to a sheer splash of colour that’s super smooth, velvety soft and non-sticky. Not only are these sheer, natural shades beautiful, they’re also beneficial, with natural ingredients that condition dry, chapped lips including Vitamins A & E. SPF 15 to protect delicate lips against harmful sun damage.’

The Lip Balms come in six different shades; Nice & Natural, Peaceful Pink, Blissful Berry, Bombshell Brown, Romantic Rouge and Mellow Melon. For me, Mellow Melon seems the most Spring/Summer like shade, which is why at this time of year, I was dying to get my hands on one!

elf Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon

elf Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon, finger swatch

elf Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon, swatched on lips

Pretty as a 'Spring' picture in Mellow Melon

First Impressions

The elf Conditioning Lip Balms are just £3.95 each from here and come in a super cute square, chunky pot, that reminds me of a big jewel.

The lid of the lip balm is black, with the brand and product name on the top and the rest of the ‘cube’ is clear, so you can see the gorgeous product and it’s colour inside. I love any packaging where you can see the product inside, like with the famous MUA lipsticks and their clear, screw top lids, that had a little extra product inside. Such a cute idea.

The lid twists off and on with a fab click and the lip balm is protected with a little white cap, which just pops easily off, to reveal the gorgeous lip balm inside. The cubes are 7.5g and the lip balm contains SPF 15, which is pretty great too, especially at this time of year (when some people are getting surprised by how hot the sun actually is – i.e. the few red people at work today, ouch)!


The lip balm can be applied with fingers or using a brush. I like to use my fingers, which is now possible now that I have shorter nails. The product itself is really moisturising, as you can see from my swatch. The pigmentation is also really great and you get a great amount of product just from one single wipe.

You can also layer the product to build up the intensity and create different looks, which is great. The look I’ve shown is using three layers and as you can see, Mellow Melon is a really gorgeous pinky/orange shade. It’s such a Spring/Summer shade and something I know I’m going to wearing frequently

What do I think?

With such little product actually going onto the lips, you know that these little cubes of balm are going to last you a fair while, making the price point even more brilliant. Plus they have a multi purpose too, i.e. if you want to tint your cheekbones in the same shade, to tie in your whole makeup look, you can dab a little of these Conditioning Lip Balms across your cheek bones. Et Voilà! One gorgeous, fresh Spring/Summer ready look!

I think these lip balms are great value, cutely packaged and amazingly moisturising, which means my lips are left feeling really soft. I’m really impressed and will be sure to add another colour or two to my collection real soon! Plus, who would have thought that a lip balm could match my new shellac nail polish so perfectly too. Amazing!

Have you tried any of elf’s Conditioning Lip Balms? What do you think of them and which should I get next?

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1I haven’t chatted about any items on my many wish lists since my blogger inspired wish list a couple of months ago. Sadly I can also add that I still am yet to own any of those items; so the three items are adding to that ever increasing list!

  1. MAC, A Fantasy of Flowers Lipstick, in Heavenly Hybrid, £15.00
  2. Benefit, Gimme Brow, in Medium/Deep, £17.50
  3. elf, Conditioning Lip Balm, in Mellow Melon, £3.95

1. This is a beautiful lipstick from one of MAC’s new collections ‘A Fantasy of Flowers’. This collection is said to be “a dream world bursting with brilliant blooms of colour. A stunning bouquet of shades draws you in with hypnotic movement as a magical fantasy emerges glowing with a floral essence.”

When I stumbled across this collection, I was really excited, especially for Spring and Summer. The Heavenly Hybrid lipstick is a beautiful mid-tone berry shade and something that I am dying to try! I simply can’t wait to add this to my lipstick collection.

2. I suffer from a few patches in my eyebrows that don’t seem to want to grow back, which I need to fill in on a daily basis. They are really improving, but could still do with a little help. The Gimme Brow from Benefit looks wonderful! This brow-volumising fibre gel could be just what I need.

Benefit say that “the brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none.” That sounds just up my street. I can’t wait to try this and see how it improves the thickness of my eyebrows.

3. I discovered this Conditioning Lip Balm on an elf Show Live on YouTube. You can watch the show here. I’d heard a little about them before but not seen them sampled, so this little insight was really great and from then on, I’ve been craving Mellow Melon!

elf state that “lips get treated to a sheer splash of colour that’s super smooth, velvety soft and non-sticky“. They also look great if used as a cheek tint, so they’re doubly useful and at just £3.95, I’ll definitely be getting one, or two, or three!

Do you think any of these products will be on your wish list this month or next? The MAC lipstick and elf Conditioning Lip Balm are both gorgeous shades for Spring and sure to brighten any outfit combination!

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Spring really is trying isn’t it? And this morning I really wanted to wear something that felt brighter, lighter and a little more Spring like, as well as fitting my ever increasing baby bump!

Whilst at work, I looked in a mirror and realised that I was wearing head to toe New Look! Not intentional at all, just how it had worked out! My accessories were from other stores, but the basis of my outfit was New Look, which to me was something that I don’t think has ever really happened before!

So here’s what I wore today…

collage high res

I chose 6 simple elements to compile my outfit today; light washed jeans, a simple top, light weight jacket, pumps, large handbag and a big dial watch.

  1. Maternity White Broderie Neck T-Shirt, New Look, £12.99
  2. Maternity Blue Underbump Supersoft Skinny Jeans, New Look, £22.99
  3. Shell Pink Waterfall Jacket, New Look, £24.99
  4. Olivia Burton Woodland Butterfly Watch, Twisted Time, £72
  5. Stripe Ballet Shoes, George at Asda, £6
  6. Abigail Pebble Grain Twin Handle Bag, Stylist Pick, £18

What do you think of this casual outfit? Is it something you’d wear?

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