Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Recently I reviewed the gorgeous Helene nail polish from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection (which you’ll see make an appearance in some of my photos in this post) and today I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on some of the other gorgeous products in the range.

At first when I heard that Joan Collins had a range of beauty products, I was a little skeptical. Celebrity endorsed products are not something I usually buy. I’ve only been occasionally known to buy the odd celebrity endorsed perfume (think Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani – oh dear!), but that’s been about it. So I was curious to know what Joan Collins and her glamorous, chic ‘Dynasty’ persona could add to my makeup collection.

The collection itself is considered to be a luxury beauty brand and the product price points definitely reflect this. It is a really luxurious collection; you can just tell by looking at the products, let alone actually using them! Joan herself has played a huge part in the development of the range, which is fantastic, using her vast beauty knowledge after working with some amazing beauty experts during her career and bringing it together in this beautiful line of products.

The products in the Timeless Beauty collection that I thought I’d try first were the First Base Foundation* in Warm Medium, the Impeccable Finish Loose Powder* in Translucent and the Glorious Gloss* in Ava. I’m continuously looking for foundation and finishing products to perfect a flawless complexion, as I am lip gloss’s, which I appear to be a little addicted to and am always looking for the next gorgeous shade.

First Base Foundation, Warm Medium

“Foundation is the first and most important step in any make-up.” – Joan Collins.

When selecting which shade of First Base to go for, I loved the handy guide on the Timeless Beauty site. Did you know that no matter how fair or dark your skin colour is it will have cool, warm or neutral undertones?

So what Joan Collins has done is broken the First Base shades out into three types; cool, warm and neutral so that we can all find the perfect shade for us.

A handy guide is; if you’re cool, your veins in your inner wrist tend to appear blue and you tend to turn a flushed pink in the sun, or burn easily. If you are warm, the veins on your wrist tend to appear more green and you tan quickly. If you have neutral skin, you will have an equal number of blue and green veins. So from here, you can choose from Warm Fair, Warm Medium, Warm Dark, Cool Fair, Cool Medium and Cool Dark shades. I decided I was Warm Medium.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

On first applying the First Base Foundation, I was a little worried that I had picked a shade too light for skin at the moment, but after blending well, as you can see on the back of my hand, it matched perfectly! The last thing you want with your foundation is for it to look like you’re wearing any; a big no, no!

The formula blended into my skin really well and dried to a powder like finish, which I really like. The finish for me was pretty flawless. It left my face feeling bright and wasn’t heavy on my skin at all. There is no greasiness to the formula of this foundation and it definitely feels top end.

I still find I need to use my concealer to cover my melasma but for covering the rest of my face with a thin veil of flawlessness, this is pretty perfect! Available to buy for £25, this is definitely a ‘top end’ product but really does feel luxurious on my skin, so to me, well worth the money!

Impeccable Finish Loose Powder, Translucent

“The final step in the creation of a flawless face. This incredibly light powder sets the make-up and prevents smudging, providing an impeccable finish.” – Joan Collins.

The idea of this Loose Powder is to set the First Base Foundation. Therefore the translucent powder takes on a chameleon effect, mimicking the surrounding tones and suiting all skin types, which is brilliant.

I’ve never used a powder to set my makeup before, only the Thermal Spring Water from La Roche-Posay, so this was a first and I was really excited to see how well it held my foundation during the day; especially as it’s so warm at the moment!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

When I tried this powder after eventually getting the plastic protector from the pot (boy was that stuck well!), I was super excited from the minute I patted it onto the puff. The powder is really fine and when applied to the face does exactly what it says and blends perfectly with the skin and colourings around it.

It has been particularly warm recently, so I was looking forward to seeing if the powder helped my foundation to stay in place and helped my skin to appear flawless and shine free throughout the day. Well so far so good! I’ve worn this a few times now over the top of the First Base Foundation and find that my shine is reduced and when I do need to apply a little, the formula is so light that it doesn’t make my skin look clogged. Brilliant!

The Impeccable Finish Loose Powder is available for £24, so is again a top end priced product. With needing so little to get the desired effect however (due to it’s really handy honeycomb style dispenser, which reminds me of Sheer Cover), I can imagine it lasting quite a while, so you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Glorious Gloss, Ava

“My lips are probably my most important feature and I always have them covered. A quick sweep of Glorious Gloss and a pair of sunglasses and I’m ready to face the world.” – Joan Collins.

The reason I chose this particular shade in the gloss range, was the ‘pink-bronze’ colour that it was described to be. In the summer I always think it’s quite nice to have a little shimmer on the face and what better way to wear shimmer than on the lips!

There are four colours in total in this range; Too Hot To Handle, which is a bright fuchsia pink, Pearl, which is a light iridescent shade, Monte Carlo which is a beautiful warm red and Ava. So all very different and all of which if I’m honest, looking highly appealing. I think I want to try them all!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

The bottle of the Glorious Gloss is stunning! I love the big tube and the gold wand. It just feels so glamorous. The gloss itself does not disappoint either. Just look at the gorgeous pink-bronze shimmer, it’s beautiful! The gloss applied effortlessly and looks amazing. It doesn’t feel too sticky either, as some lip glosses can. I’m thankful for that living in Cornwall, where we get the inevitable South Westerly winds and there’s nothing more frustrating than your freshly blow dried hair sticking to your lip gloss!

This is a lip gloss that I can see myself wearing during the day and night. The added bronze shimmer makes it perfect for wearing from day to night and I can see it becoming a firm favourite.

Available online for £18, this isn’t maybe what I’d class as an ‘every day’ lip gloss but more for a special occasion. It is a fair bit more expensive than some of my other favourite glosses, but I feel is definitely worth the money for it’s luxurious ‘wow’ factor when pulling it out of your handbag to reapply! And what girl doesn’t like that?!

So What Do I Think?

Out of the four produts from the Timeless Beauty collection that I’ve tried, I’d have to say that the Impeccable Finish Loose Powder is my favourite. It’s so light and blends perfectly with my ever changing skin tone, that it will definitely be a firm favourtie in my every day routine.

I do however love them all and would urge anyone who hasn’t tried anything from this range to give something a go! I’m so pleased with these products that it has inspired me to try others in the future and it’s also taught me to not be so sceptical about celebrity endorsed products; because sometimes, they can really pleasantly surprise you!

What about you? Have you tried any celebrity endorsed beauty products before? If so, I’d love to hear.

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Chill Ed*Lush Hair Oil/Serum

Chill Ed*Lush Hair Oil/Serum

With so many celebrities donning the red carpet with the most enviable, glossy, shiny locks, it’s probably on most of our minds to find that perfect product that will put extra power in our own hair, to even remotely resemble a celebrity styled hair do.

I for one am always looking for products that accentuate the natural shine of my hair. Admittedly I’m quite lucky that my dark hair is fairly shiny anyway, but anything that might help is welcome, especially as being pregnant, hormones can do all sorts of funny things and before I know it, I could be crying out for some extra shine!

What Chill Say

Chill ed lush*, available for £14.99, is a serum or oil containing a superior blend of oils to banish tangled, matted hair and reveal its true beauty, especially when hair has been coloured.

Although ed lush is designed for all hair types and colours, they have also created a special formulation for the unique characteristics of blonde hair too. By adding violet pigments to the serum, unwelcome gold and brassy tones are resigned to history, leaving you a more dazzling blonde.

Directions For Use

Simply apply a small amount to damp hair, comb through to de-tangle, blow dry and style as normal.

So What Do I Think?

I’ve used this a few times now and have only applied a minimal amount to my hair before blow drying. I don’t like to use too much product, just in case it makes my hair feel thick and heavy (as some oils can).

So far I have found that it gives my hair a nice texture but hasn’t really improved it’s shine a great deal. As I mentioned before, my hair is quite shiny anyway, so it is possibly quite difficult to tell. I do however feel that my hair feels smoother and nicer to touch throughout the day, which is certainly welcome!

I think if you are looking for extra shine as well as hair that is more manageable and soft to touch, Chill ed lush is definitely worth a try.

Have you tried anything in the Chill range?

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Mint & Coral Fashion & AccessoriesSince seeing the Herbal Essences advert repeatedly recently, where Nicole Scherzinger reveals her beautiful ‘Moroccan My Shine’ hair along with a gorgeous coral dress and mint & coral earrings combo, it’s made me realise how popular mint & coral colour blocking has become.

These two potentially unlikely colours can actually be put together in such gorgeous ways, not only for fashion, but also for weddings, interiors and beauty. The mint & coral colour combination is so versatile and is perfect for Spring/Summer, that each time I see Nicole ‘swishing’ her gorgeous locks in the final scenes of that commercial, I think about how much I’d love to incorporate some more mint & coral into my life.

Just some of the gorgeous ways that I’ve recently seen this colour blocking trend applied are:


When looking for summer fashion and accessories, I’ve been surprised lately as to how much of it consists of mint & coral shades, but also how many mannequins or models in magazines I have seen wearing the two together.

Beautiful dresses can be matched with clashing colour blocks of the opposite colour. I’ve seen this work especially well with bridesmaids outfits for weddings (more on that later) but also I’ve seen some gorgeous short suits, like the one below on a recent runway show, which looks stunning with colour blocks in mint to layer the look. This shows how versatile the shades are and how well they can be worn together for formal occasions but also can be dressed casually, with jeans and accessories.

Swimwear has been an area where I’ve seen a lot of mint & coral colour blocking intermingled with in some cases, like this gorgeous swimsuit from Net-A-Porter, floral and checkered patterns. if I had a spare £265 to spend on one item of swimwear this summer, this would be the one! How beautifully designed is this! Stunning.

Accessories are another major way that mint & coral has been appearing in the fashion world. As mentioned at the top of this post, Nicole Scherzinger wore a beautiful coral dress together with mint & coral earrings in her recent Herbal Essences commercial and I think they looked stunning. The necklace above, available from Etsy, is really pretty. I love it’s vintage feel with the mint droplet, coral bead, gold chain and gold leaf detail. It’s so feminine and charming.


Spring/summer weddings and especially those held outdoors would look beautiful using a mint & coral theme. One of the most effective ways to add this gorgeous theme would be in the flowers. Beautiful coral peonies or roses, teamed with eucalyptus would look stunning in a bouquet and the same could be placed on the tables, in tall mint coloured vases.

Mint & Coral Wedding Inspiration

I also love the idea of bringing colour into a wedding through the bridesmaids dresses and as demonstrated below, a mixture of coral and mint dresses make a great combination. Not all the bridesmaids have to be dressed in the same colour either, as this shows. A mixture actually looks way more fun!

Fabrics and decorations can also be a great way to bring mint & coral to your big day. How about fun coloured bunting or fabric tied on to the backs of chairs?


I love experimenting with a little coloured eye shadow and with the mint & coral colour scheme, you will notice that you don’t just have to combine the two on the eyes, but you can use one on the eyes and the other on the lips.

Take the look below which combines a mint/aqua shadow with coral coloured lips. On fair skin like this, the combination really pops and with coral coloured finger nails as well, the look is complete!

MC beauty collage

You can also take the theme to the extreme and combine both mint & coral on the eyes, as per this gorgeous example. Don’t you just wish you had her eyes?! There are a number of shadows used here from what I can tell and with the coral on the lids and mint in the inner corners, it really makes her eye pop and appear more open and bright. I love this look!

Mint & coral nails have also been quite a popular trend over the last year or so. Just last summer I combined mint polish with a baby pink, which is very similar and this summer, coral seems to have replaced the pink and and is definitely something I will be trying!


With an imminent house move, I am considering changing up some of the colours of our new house and mint & coral is at the top of my list. I’ve already started creeping the odd bunch of flowers into our house in these shades but in our new house I would love to be a little more adventurous and experiment with the two colours on larger pieces of furniture of soft furnishings (if I can get it passed by my hubby of course!)

MC interior collage

Cushions are of course the most obvious way to change your interior colour scheme without too much expense. Dunelm always have a mass of cushions at reasonable prices, so I’ll be sure to consider a trip there.

Alternatively if you’re feeling brave, updating a key piece of furniture like your sofa, is a great way to bring colour into your living space. I love this velvet sofa from Loaf, which they say is green, but is def a minty shade and would look stunning with a variety of coral cushions!

I also really like the idea of up-cycling some old dinning table furniture to accommodate this fun colour scheme. These chairs above are gorgeous painted in coral. And if you get bored of them, you can just paint over them!

With so many ways of wearing or styling this colour combination, it will be really hard for me not to get crazy but I’m going to be sure to bring it into my life somewhere.

I’m already crazy about coral, so why not go one step further! How about you?

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Joan Collins Helene nail polish

Joan Collins Helene nail polish

Joan Collins Helene nail polish

Joan Collins Helene nail polish

After recently removing my Shellac, I wanted to paint my nails straight away (nails with no colour at all just isn’t me)! The first shade I reached for was this Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Helene* nail polish, as it’s new and something I’ve been looking forward to trying for some time.

What Joan Collins Says

“I don’t feel dressed without nail lacquer. It’s as essential to me as lipstick”.

A luscious, red cream with a hint of blue undertones. Red nails never go out of style – they are always warm, glamorous and sexy.

An easy to apply nail lacquer that is smooth, quick drying and covers small imperfections to leave nails looking sleek and chic.

I love the style of this bottle, elegant and practical with a long tapered cap that’s easy to hold, and, helps balance the brush when applying. The ribbing improves grip and ease of opening and closing.

The colours are my personal favourites and I wear them all switching one to the other to reflect my mood, the effect I want to make, or simply to compliment my outfit.

First Impressions

The first thing that struck me about this nail polish, is the gorgeous box that it comes in. You don’t get many nail shades that come boxed; which makes it feel super luxurious!

The bottle is 12ml and is formed in the shape of a gem or jewel with a pointed gold brush handle. I really liked the overall design and it made me really intrigued to try the product inside.

I really like the long handle and with the vertical lines, it’s a nice grip and makes it much easier to open. The brush itself is also a good length, so you can cover a vast amount of nail in one sweep.

The product overall just shouts glamour and ‘Dynasty’ (for those of you old enough to remember it)! The design is perfect for a Joan Collins collection and I can see how she is very likely to have had a lot of input into the products and their appearance.

So What Do I Think?

I love red nail polish anyway, so Joan Collins Helene, available for £13, was pretty much sure to be a winner. My most recent red love has been Rimmels’ Double Decker Red and this shade is really quite close in colour.

I love the handle and how easy it is to grip and therefore apply the polish. The polish itself applies really easily and dries pretty quickly. The colour is vibrant and chic and I love it!

I also feel like this shade of polish would go beautifully with my favourite red lipstick at the moment, Revlon’s Colour Stay Ultimate Suede in Finale. The two would look gorgeous together. Otherwise, there are a whole range of Joan Collins lipsticks available, including Helene (available from here for £18) which of course has been made with matching this polish in mind!

Other Products in the Timeless Beauty Collection

If you like the look of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection, keep reading my blog for more reviews on other products in the range, including a Glorious Gloss in Ava, the First Base Foundation in Warm Medium and the Impeccable Finish Loose Powder in Translucent. All coming up very soon!

Have you tried anything from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection?

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Remove Shellac at Home

Today I thought I’d share with you the technique I used just the other day to remove Shellac from my nails. After wearing gels and Shellac for a number of years, I decided it was about time that I gave my natural nails a breather and thought I would remove the Shellac at home.

After doing a bit of research on the best way to do it, having not tried it before, I tried a technique that worked perfectly and thought it was definitely worth sharing in case any of you decide to remove your Shellac and don’t want to pay salon prices.


  • Nail varnish remover containing acetone
  • Cotton pads (cut into 10 pieces big enough to cover your nails)
  • Kitchen tin foil (cut up into 10 pieces big enough to wrap each nail)
  • Orange stick or manicure tool
  • Stopwatch!

The method I used seems to be quite a popular one for not only Shellac but also gel and glitter nail polishes, which we all know can be a right pain to remove!


  1. Take one cotton pad and soak in acetoneRemove Shellac
  2. Place on nail, so that entire nail is covered
  3. Wrap nail in one of the tin foil sections, twisting or folding at the end to ensure it is secure and tight to the nail
  4. Start stopwatch for 10 minutes
  5. Continue to wrap other nails (I found it easiest to do one hand, wait 10 minutes, remove and then do the other hand)
  6. When 10 mins is up, rub nail gently and then pull (in a wiping motion) the tin foil and cotton pad away from the nail. Some of the shellac will come off with the cotton pad and the rest will have softened
  7. Using the orange stick or blunt manicure tool, start to scrape the shellac off the nail – gently!
  8. Using some acetone, wipe the nail clean and buff gently to remove any remaining small flakes
  9. Apply moisturiser and cuticle oil immediately, as the acetone will have dried your fingers considerably.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  1. The 10 minutes needs to be timed from when the first nail is wrapped. The shellac will break down after about 8-10 minutes, which is enough to allow it to be removed but if the shellac is left to soak much longer than this, it will actually start to harden off again. This is why I felt it easier to do one hand at a time. Also, much longer than 10 minutes and the cotton pads can start to stick to the shellac, which can also prove tricky.
  2. The acetone does start to tingle and maybe even sting the nails/fingers slightly towards the end of the 10 minutes. Don’t worry, this will subside once the wraps are removed and is another reason why you shouldn’t leave for much longer than 10 minutes.
  3. The purer the acetone in the nail polish remover, the quicker the shellac will be ready to remove. If you are using pure acetone, you may be able to start removing the wraps any time after 2 minutes.

My Thoughts:

Removing shellac for me was really quite easy and not too much trouble at all. ThereRemove shellac appears to be a number of variations of this method online but this was the method that I tried and proved to be really successful.

My fingers and nails did sting a little during the process and so I removed a couple of the wraps just before the 10 minutes. I tend to find that these particular nails are super sensitive anyway, especially when setting gels under a UV lamp; so probably just me!

After I had removed the cotton pads and foil, the Shellac slid off pretty easy. There were some stubborn bits that stayed but were easily removed with a little more acetone and a gentle buff.

I gave my hands, nails and cuticles a really good moisturise afterwards, as they felt quite dry. This was only a temporary feeling though.

So apart from looking like Edward Scissorhands, I felt the technique worked really well and I’m sure that you would find it just as easy…. and a lot cheaper than going to see a beauty technician!

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