Joan Collins Helene nail polish

Joan Collins Helene nail polish

Joan Collins Helene nail polish

Joan Collins Helene nail polish

After recently removing my Shellac, I wanted to paint my nails straight away (nails with no colour at all just isn’t me)! The first shade I reached for was this Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Helene* nail polish, as it’s new and something I’ve been looking forward to trying for some time.

What Joan Collins Says

“I don’t feel dressed without nail lacquer. It’s as essential to me as lipstick”.

A luscious, red cream with a hint of blue undertones. Red nails never go out of style – they are always warm, glamorous and sexy.

An easy to apply nail lacquer that is smooth, quick drying and covers small imperfections to leave nails looking sleek and chic.

I love the style of this bottle, elegant and practical with a long tapered cap that’s easy to hold, and, helps balance the brush when applying. The ribbing improves grip and ease of opening and closing.

The colours are my personal favourites and I wear them all switching one to the other to reflect my mood, the effect I want to make, or simply to compliment my outfit.

First Impressions

The first thing that struck me about this nail polish, is the gorgeous box that it comes in. You don’t get many nail shades that come boxed; which makes it feel super luxurious!

The bottle is 12ml and is formed in the shape of a gem or jewel with a pointed gold brush handle. I really liked the overall design and it made me really intrigued to try the product inside.

I really like the long handle and with the vertical lines, it’s a nice grip and makes it much easier to open. The brush itself is also a good length, so you can cover a vast amount of nail in one sweep.

The product overall just shouts glamour and ‘Dynasty’ (for those of you old enough to remember it)! The design is perfect for a Joan Collins collection and I can see how she is very likely to have had a lot of input into the products and their appearance.

So What Do I Think?

I love red nail polish anyway, so Joan Collins Helene, available for £13, was pretty much sure to be a winner. My most recent red love has been Rimmels’ Double Decker Red and this shade is really quite close in colour.

I love the handle and how easy it is to grip and therefore apply the polish. The polish itself applies really easily and dries pretty quickly. The colour is vibrant and chic and I love it!

I also feel like this shade of polish would go beautifully with my favourite red lipstick at the moment, Revlon’s Colour Stay Ultimate Suede in Finale. The two would look gorgeous together. Otherwise, there are a whole range of Joan Collins lipsticks available, including Helene (available from here for £18) which of course has been made with matching this polish in mind!

Other Products in the Timeless Beauty Collection

If you like the look of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection, keep reading my blog for more reviews on other products in the range, including a Glorious Gloss in Ava, the First Base Foundation in Warm Medium and the Impeccable Finish Loose Powder in Translucent. All coming up very soon!

Have you tried anything from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection?

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Remove Shellac at Home

Today I thought I’d share with you the technique I used just the other day to remove Shellac from my nails. After wearing gels and Shellac for a number of years, I decided it was about time that I gave my natural nails a breather and thought I would remove the Shellac at home.

After doing a bit of research on the best way to do it, having not tried it before, I tried a technique that worked perfectly and thought it was definitely worth sharing in case any of you decide to remove your Shellac and don’t want to pay salon prices.


  • Nail varnish remover containing acetone
  • Cotton pads (cut into 10 pieces big enough to cover your nails)
  • Kitchen tin foil (cut up into 10 pieces big enough to wrap each nail)
  • Orange stick or manicure tool
  • Stopwatch!

The method I used seems to be quite a popular one for not only Shellac but also gel and glitter nail polishes, which we all know can be a right pain to remove!


  1. Take one cotton pad and soak in acetoneRemove Shellac
  2. Place on nail, so that entire nail is covered
  3. Wrap nail in one of the tin foil sections, twisting or folding at the end to ensure it is secure and tight to the nail
  4. Start stopwatch for 10 minutes
  5. Continue to wrap other nails (I found it easiest to do one hand, wait 10 minutes, remove and then do the other hand)
  6. When 10 mins is up, rub nail gently and then pull (in a wiping motion) the tin foil and cotton pad away from the nail. Some of the shellac will come off with the cotton pad and the rest will have softened
  7. Using the orange stick or blunt manicure tool, start to scrape the shellac off the nail – gently!
  8. Using some acetone, wipe the nail clean and buff gently to remove any remaining small flakes
  9. Apply moisturiser and cuticle oil immediately, as the acetone will have dried your fingers considerably.

A couple of things to be aware of:

  1. The 10 minutes needs to be timed from when the first nail is wrapped. The shellac will break down after about 8-10 minutes, which is enough to allow it to be removed but if the shellac is left to soak much longer than this, it will actually start to harden off again. This is why I felt it easier to do one hand at a time. Also, much longer than 10 minutes and the cotton pads can start to stick to the shellac, which can also prove tricky.
  2. The acetone does start to tingle and maybe even sting the nails/fingers slightly towards the end of the 10 minutes. Don’t worry, this will subside once the wraps are removed and is another reason why you shouldn’t leave for much longer than 10 minutes.
  3. The purer the acetone in the nail polish remover, the quicker the shellac will be ready to remove. If you are using pure acetone, you may be able to start removing the wraps any time after 2 minutes.

My Thoughts:

Removing shellac for me was really quite easy and not too much trouble at all. ThereRemove shellac appears to be a number of variations of this method online but this was the method that I tried and proved to be really successful.

My fingers and nails did sting a little during the process and so I removed a couple of the wraps just before the 10 minutes. I tend to find that these particular nails are super sensitive anyway, especially when setting gels under a UV lamp; so probably just me!

After I had removed the cotton pads and foil, the Shellac slid off pretty easy. There were some stubborn bits that stayed but were easily removed with a little more acetone and a gentle buff.

I gave my hands, nails and cuticles a really good moisturise afterwards, as they felt quite dry. This was only a temporary feeling though.

So apart from looking like Edward Scissorhands, I felt the technique worked really well and I’m sure that you would find it just as easy…. and a lot cheaper than going to see a beauty technician!

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Barry M Bold Black Waterproof Eyeliner

Barry M Bold Black Waterproof Eyeliner

I’ve recently bought a new eyeliner pencil and thought I’d share my thoughts with you. The Barry M Bold Black Waterproof Eyeliner caught my eye, as I was thinking about getting something that had a little more staying power anyway and at just £3.99 from here, thought it was worth a try.

What Barry M Say

These luxurious eye liners apply as smoothly as a liquid with the precision of a pencil. They are waterproof and super long lasting with more than 8 hours wear! 

These liners come in seven different shades, including purple, golds and bronzes, perfect for adding a pop of colour to your makeup during the summer months.

My First Impressions

I’ve recently been using a retractable eyeliner, so going back to a standard liner was odd to start. The packaging of the liner itself is pretty, with the logo and graphics in blue on black. It’s a pretty standard looking pencil to be honest, so not a lot to report on.

The nib of the pencil did however look fatter than most standard pencils, which gave me the impression that it would be quite soft in it’s texture and hopefully apply really smoothly, as Barry M promise.

The instant that I used it I realised that I really didn’t have to press very hard on the skin because the formula is so soft and smooth, that applying it is a dream. It reminds me a lot of Maybellines Eye Studio Master Drama liner, which again is so smooth to apply meaning you can get real depth of colour without using very much product. This was instantly a big bonus.

What Do I Think?

I’ve been using this pencil now for about 10 days, adding some definition below my lower lashes mainly. I like to apply a little below the lower lashes and then smudge some black eyeshadow (usually from my elf 32 piece ‘Everyday’ palette) across the liner, so that the liner line isn’t quite so harsh.

I think my favourtie thing about this product is that it doesn’t drag across the skin at all. This is especially important when considering products that you apply around the eye. The skin under the eye in particular is considerably thinner than anywhere else on the body (check out these ideas for looking after your under eye skin naturally), so taking care of this area in particular has always been important to me. With this liner, there’s no risk of pulling or dragging, which is fantastic.

On wearing it for an 8 hour working day or running around after my daughter at home, I’ve found that it’s still firmly in place, not like some liners I’ve used which seem to slide lower and lower as the day progresses.

Overall, I would say that it’s a good liner for staying power and price. If you want something that lasts for hours, but isn’t too tricky to remove at the end of the day, then this could be for you!

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Avon Femme Perfume

If you’ve not tried any perfumes from Avon yet, then maybe now is the time you should. I’ve used a few Avon perfumes in the past, but recently I’ve been using up various other branded perfumes like Chloe Roses de Chloe and Lancome La Vie Est Belle which are my current favourites.

It’s nice to have some really special fragrances for evenings out or weekends and then during the day for work or home I quite like to have a choice of some other fragrances, which aren’t so expensive. This is why Avon fragrances have quite often played a big part in my scent closet!

When an Avon brochure dropped through my letterbox last month and I smelt ‘Femme’ I thought I’d give it a go. I loved the look of the bottle for a start; and I’m a sucker for something that will look pretty on my dressing table!

What Avon Say

Femme is brimming with ‘Pink grapefruit and luscious pear glitter, against gardenia blossom, magnolia and water lily, and diffuse down into warm amber woods.’

The Femme range also has a body lotion and body spray too, so if like me you like to wear the same body lotion as fragrance, you can easily do this. The body spray could also be great to pop in your handbag for a top up during the day.

First Impressions

The bottle itself didn’t disappoint. Designed to look like a gem stone and with it’s simple gem like top, it looked perfect on my dressing table as hoped! The bottle is also a good 50ml and at the time that I bought it, it was on offer in the brochure for just £10, normally £16, so I was pretty pleased with that.

The smell itself is so pretty and feminine. It’s really light and floral, so perfect for daytime wear and the scent really lingers too, which is fantastic for a lower price bracket fragrance. I’ve heard some people say that Femme reminds them of Versace Bright Crystal too, although I’ve not smelt that myself. So this could be a nice, cheaper alternative!

What Do I Think?

I really, really love Avon Femme. It’s so pretty and floral, without being sickeningly so and has real staying power. The bottle itself is pretty and as you can see, I’ve already used quite a lot in a short space of time, so it’s certainly a winner for me!

Femme is available at the moment for £16 and Avon also have an offer on at the moment where you can buy one fragrance and get another half price (on selected lines), so if you’ve not tried Avon for fragrance yet, now’s the time!

Have you tried any  Avon scents?

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I’m super excited to share this post with you today! As an expectant mum and one that experienced pregnancy through mostly autumn and winter last time, this pregnancy has been more troublesome when it’s come to getting comfortable and being able to enjoy the sun, without turning into a one sided lobster!

I’ve been tweeting recently about how a pregnant lady for example is supposed to sun the backs of her legs or lie comfortably in a pool (as lying on your back for too long, can be painful). Upon discovering Holo Lilo I realised that my questions were answered! Simple, a lilo with a hole for your tummy! Genius!

Until I came across Holo, I never knew that such a thing existed and it makes total senseHalocollage250. A few friends of mine had suggested lying with my legs in the air or digging a hole in the sand for my bump, but I think I much prefer the Holo technique after all, it’s nice to maintain some level of dignity during pregnancy!

When my Holo arrived, I was super excited. I’d been reading about the other benefits on this great invention, like helping with sleep, relaxation, massage and yoga among many others. I was dying to give it a try and got it straight out of the box to inflate.

My daughter Grace was pretty eager to help too! Instantly she grabbed the bottom valve and starting to blow, as I was pumping up the pillow! She’s so funny, always has to be involved in what I’m doing and although she didn’t actually manage to get any air into it, the thought was appreciated!

You can use a hand or foot pump to blow it up, which is probably the best and quickest way. I didn’t have one, so spent some time blowing it up myself. Phew, it took some puff!

Grace’s First Impressions

When fully inflated, Grace was the first to try it out (obviously), instantly christening it her ‘bouncy castle’! Um, not entirely sure that a bouncy castle is one of the Holo’s benefits, but who was I to argue. With the jumping and bouncing that the lilo endured in a few short minutes does however prove how durable the Holo is!

My First Impressions

The Holo comes in three colours; pink, blue and mint and the lilo itself is a really good size at 185 x 65 x 18cm with a hole diameter of approx 30cm. My initial impression was that it looked really comfy and I only wish I had a pool to laze in!

So onto my own testing. I mentioned above about the sunbathing aspect and how this really drew me to the product in the first instance, but there’s also the sleeping aspect that really took it’s toll during my last pregnancy. I found it impossible during that later stages to get comfy to sleep and even during the evenings. Sometimes sitting or lying on a sofa could be just as uncomfortable as standing. With the Holo lying on your tummy or side, it’s so much easier and comfier, that I can’t believe this idea has only been thought of quite recently.

There are great instructions for how to get on and off the Holo too:

  1. Inflate both air chambers fully for use on water.
  2. Option to use with the head section deflated partially/fully when on land and add/replace with pillows or cushions for extra comfort.
  3. To get on and off safely, start by kneeling down on the holo leg section, then lower yourself down carefully. Lift yourself up to kneeling position to get off.
  4. Position body with tummy in the hole and ALWAYS ensure hips are supported by the raised rim around the hole, to avoid any pressure being exerted on your back.
  5. If on land you find your tummy touches the floor (this may happen if you are of slight build or you have a more protruding belly), firstly ensure your hips are supported by the raised rim by moving as far down the lilo as possible, then try using your own pillows/cushions etc under the tummy section to raise it further off the floor.
  6. You can turn the holo over and put your bottom in the hole for a lovely way to lie comfortably on your back in a slightly seated position.
  7. Uses include: relaxation, cat-naps, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, relieving pelvic pains, getting baby into optimal position for birth, tanning your back, floating around in the pool and whatever else you would like to do on your tummy!

So I got to it and firstly tried lying on it in the lounge, when Grace had gone to bed! It was pretty easy to lower myself into and when there, lying on my front or side, I could instantly feel how relaxed my bump felt and I did too! I managed to watch a little tv during the evening, which was a much more pleasent experience. It was so nice to have another position to sit/lie in.

The next day, when the sun was shining beautifully, I thought I’d give it a whirl in the garden. Again, lowering myself down onto the Holo was pretty easy. I found putting a towel on top of it and pushing it down into the hole helped, otherwise both the Holo and myself got a little sticky under the sun!

Because I am seven months pregnant, my bump did touch the floor, but I can reposition myself sufficiently so that this doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. As I grow further, from the instructions I know that I can try adding extra cushions under the tummy section to raise it further off the floor.

Well what can I say, I fell asleep! No other explanation needed really! It was so comfortable, that within minutes, I fell asleep and was so comfortable that if it weren’t for Grace waking from her nap, I could have easily laid there all day!

What Do I Think?

This is quite possibly one of the easiest questions I’ve had to answer. I love the Holo Lilo, no doubt about it. It’s so handy to have around during pregnancy that I’m just disappointed that I didn’t have one the first time around! I’ve used this now about 10 times, for various positions and situations and it’s already made a huge difference.

I would highly recommend this product to any pregnant lady who wants to lie comfortably on their front or side, in what ever setting. They’re available from £39.99 from here and will totally change your pregnancy; trust me!

* When I manage to get some good pics on me using the Holo, I’ll be sure to add them!

Have you tried a Holo Lilo already? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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