Apple Blossom | Library of Fragrance Review

It’s not something I’ve come across before. A fragrance range that includes scents such as Baby Powder, Sunshine, thunderstorm and Waffles, so when I first heard about The Library of Fragrance and its huge range of scents, I was really excited to know more!

A capsule collection of 28 of the fragrances are available to buy from over 400 Boots stores nationwide and a wider range of 101 fragrances are available on their website, including Apple Blossom*, which is the first scent that I’ve sampled.

What The Library of Fragrance Say

“In order to bear its delicious fruit, all apple trees must cross-pollinate by attracting bees and butterflies to their pretty, delicate flowers. And how best to do this? By scent, of course!

Our Apple Blossom fragrance captures the warm and delicate floral scent of the blossom, with just a hint of sweet apple to represent the promise of what’s to come.”

First Impressions

The bottle itself is really simple. Each of the scents are identical, with purely the name and fragrance description printed differently on each. I have to be honest and say that when I first saw the ranges design, that it does remind me of a room fragrance, as supposed to perfume.

Whilst the design really doesn’t scream perfume to me, the scent itself and the concept of the collection far out-ways its appearance. These scents are created to be layered, which is a completely new concept to me and super exciting!

The Library of Fragrance say that: “The simplicity of [the brand] enables wearers to ‘layer’ the scents and wear them together to create new and unique iterations.”

Have you heard of any other range like this before? Scents that can be worn on their own or together with others? It’s so unique. Right?

A great example that The Library of Fragrance choose to best explain their innovative idea is ‘Grass’ + ‘Sunshine’ + ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’, which when worn together will conjure up the feeling of a summer day’s stroll in the park. How amazing! This is certainly something I’ll be wanting to try come the cold, wet winter months!

So What Do I Think?

OOoooOoo, Apple Blossom is so yummy! The perfect scent to introduce me to the brand and wow, do I love it! It’s such a light, refreshing fragrance and perfect for day time wear.

Apple Blossom actually reminds me a little of DKNY’s Be Delicious, which is a pretty awesome comparison really because not only is that one of my old favourtie fragrances but also with Apple Blossom available for just £15, it’s a snip too! Far less damaging on the pocket!

I’ve been told that trying Apple Blossom with Peach or Mango might be a great combination, so I’m excited to try them when I’m next in Boots. I’m sure Boots won’t mind me spraying away to get the right combination for me!

So does Apple Blossom of some of the other scents in The Library of Fragrance’s range sound fun to you? Are you going to be hopping down to Boots to find your unique combination?

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It’s wonderful when you find a dress that you love and you can not only think of how amazing it will look styled with particular accessories for a particular occasion you have in mind, but it’s even better when you can also see how you could wear it for other occasions too.

As a mum of two, whenever I consider buying a new key piece for my wardrobe, I always like to consider how I could wear it elsewhere. For me, clothes have to ideally have dual purpose, wherever possible.

Take this pretty Lace Dress from George at Asda for example, where I have styled it for a dressy occasion and also for a daytime look and I think that they both look equally fantastic!

Considering how you can double up the use of items in this way will not only make the most of your money but will also ensure you get to wear your gorgeous key pieces more often. Brilliant!

All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go

So I first teamed this pretty burgundy lace dress, which is perfect for autumn, with a number of accessories to create a stylish outfit perfect for a date night or evening out with the girls.

Dress Up Asda Lace Dress

I especially love these killer Also heels from ASOS and gorgeous leather look jacket from Asda. These two pieces, along with this beautiful Finger & Thumb Ring from Millie Mackintosh at Dorothy Perkins, give this look an edgy feel that I love.

  • Burgundy Lace Dress, George at Asda, £12
  • Gold Tone Filigree Collar Necklace, River Island, £15
  • Leather Look Jacket, George at Asda, £30
  • Good as Gold Nail Polish, Essie
  • Aldo Unalellan Platform Heeled Sandals, ASOS, £83
  • Black Leather Pocket Front Flat Clutch, Warehouse, £60
  • Millie Finger & Thumb Ring, Dorothy Perkins, £14

To complete this look, I thought that a simple, striking eye liner flick would really set off my makeup. Teamed with a bold lip and natural waves in my hair, I’d be sure to feel a million dollars!

Coffee & Cake With The Girls

For a more chilled daytime look, I’ve styled the same dress with a cute oversize cardigan, chunky scarf and ankle boots. The hair is more relaxed and the overall look is pretty cute!

Dress Down Asda Lace Dress

With thick tights, a cute head scarf tied around a high bun and this gorgeous Sofia bag from Accessorize, I would be ready to hit the shops or sit in a coffee shop with friends and watch the world go by!

  • Burgundy Lace Dress, George at Asda, £12
  • Diamond Stitch Snood, Topshop, £22
  • Navy Twisted Yarn Longline Cardigan, New Look, £28
  • Carry On Nail Polis, Essie
  • Sofia Handheld Bag, Accessorize, £37
  • Grey Buckle Side Block Heel Chelsea Boots, New Look, £25
  • Plain Black Headscarf, ASOS, £6

To finish this look, a simple high bun tied with a plain scarf would look really cute and girlie. I’m also loving really simple metallic smoky eyes for daytime at the moment; perfect for autumn. If a smoky eye seems like hard work for a daytime look, then a covering of metallic across the lids on it’s own is just as perfect.

So are you like me and like to buy clothes for dual purpose? What do you think of my selection?

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Chill Ed Shine

Chill Ed Shine

I’ve talked before about how I’m pretty lucky that my hair has a natural shine of it’s own, but I know that a lot of us don’t and trust me, there are days when I want some extra shone too, so when I had the chance to Chill Ed Shine*, I was quite excited.

What Chill Say

“Our lighter than air shine spray Illuminates your gorgeous locks with vampy, mind-blowing shine as it protects your treasured hair from the elements. Fab on medium to course hair, yet perfect for all hair types, use sparingly as it’s truly special.”

First Impressions

This is the second product I’ve tried in the Chill range and yet again, I’ve not been disappointed. The product comes in a lovely white can, which is 200ml and has a handy open and close shutter on the top, so that it doesn’t accidentally go off in your drawers or bag. I love this feature as I recently had an accident with some hairspray in a suitcase and it wasn’t pretty!

I’ve tried Chill Ed Shine, £11.99, a few times now on both freshly clean hair and second day hair, when my natural shine isn’t so prominent. I sprayed lightly around my entire head and the smell of the product is delicious. Not sure what the smell is but it’s certainly not a hairspray or chemical smell, which is fantastic.

When applied it leaves the hair feeling exactly as it was to begin with, so doesn’t leave any residue that would make the hair sticky or unmanageable. The shine, I think, is also a little more apparent. I’m going to be totally honest here and say that whilst it looks a little shinier, it is hard to tell with my hair type. As Chill say, I think this product would probably benefit people with coarse or thick hair more than mine, but certainly worth everyone trying as the smell alone is gorgeous!

So What Do I Think?

I think that maybe my hair type is the wrong one to really provide a true review on what seems like a gorgeous shine finishing spray. I really loved applying it and the smell is wonderful, so it will definitely be something I continue to use, even to spruce up my hair on it’s second day and for the smell alone.

I think this is really worth trying and I’m lucky enough to be able to give away three Chill Ed Shines to lucky winners of my little giveaway below.

This is a UK only giveaway and closes on 27th October.

Good luck!

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I thought I’d share with you today a pretty day eye look I’ve recently created using my Me, Me, Me Cosmetics dew pot in Silk Dusk as a basis. This look is so fresh and clean, it’s perfect for day wear and could also be easily be dramatised for evening wear.

Easy steps to creating my Silk Dusk look:

  1. I first applied Silk Dusk to the whole upper lid.
  2. I used the lightest shade in my elf Little Black Beauty Book (r24 – see post here) and applied to the inner corner of my eye and little underneath.
  3. I then used a pinky/silver shade from the same elf palette (r23) and blended to the outer corner.
  4. I applied black eye liner under the eye and blended out to soften with r12 from the elf palette.
  5. Finishing the look with a coat of black mascara.

This was such an easy look to create in minutes and is something I’ve been wearing a lot during the day lately. Adding the cream to the inner corner really brightens the eye and makes it pop and I love how Silk Dusk is such a versatile shade for day as well as night.

At night for example, I would accentuate the darker shade on the outer corner and add some liquid liner to the top lid.

Is this a look you’d like to create or something similar to what you wear on a daily basis?

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elf Heartbreaker Cream Blush

elf Heartbreaker Cream Blush

Most of us consider changing some of our makeup products when the seasons change, either because you discover they need replacing, they don’t seem to suit you in the same way now or you just fancy a change.

If you’re like me and are kind of dreading not having that natural sun glowing flush in your cheeks any more, you might be looking for a new autumn blush that will give you that healthy glow appearance and this cute pot of cream blush from elf, Heart Breaker, might be just what you’re after!

What elf Say

“This amazing blush offers the best of both worlds. It smooths on as a cream for great texture and then transforms into a velvety soft powder finish for long lasting rich colour that’s never greasy. 

The lightweight, refreshing oil-free formula looks natural and radiates a beautiful glow perfect for all skin types. The soft powder finish can be layered for desire intensity and dimension.”

First Impressions

I love the pot design. Just like I love the Conditioning Lip Balms, as they’re packaged in the same way. The blush is 15g and when you pop the little protective cap off the top, the blush looks super velvety beneath and I was excited to try it.

I use my fingers to apply the blush to my cheeks. Just a quick dab and you can feel how soft the cream is, like velvet and how easy it will be to apply. With just a couple of dabs you can then brush around the cheek area. You really don’t need a great deal of this to get the look as above, so first impressions are great.

What Do I Think?

I’ve been using this blush for a few weeks now and feel it has a number of great qualities…

  1. Highly Pigmented This is a such a great benefit to this product. With just a few dabs you get enough product on your fingers to cover a good area, making the 15g last so much longer.
  2. Layering Ability I love how easily this product can be layered, so you can add and add until you have the desired intensity. So for a day look you can be far more subtle and add extra blush over the top for an evening look, without it feeling clumpy.
  3. Soft & Silky Feel I love how this cream blush doesn’t feel wet or sticky in any way. The fact that it applies like velvet and then settles on the skin so you wouldn’t know it was there, is a massive plus. It’s like a second skin!

From someone who’s been using the same blush for a while now, which I have to admit I do still really love, this I think will become a firm favourite now too.

I am also super impressed, as always, with the price point of this blush. Considering my current favourite is £8.50 for 4g and Heart Breaker from elf is an amazing £6.50 for 15g, I can see how my makeup collection will become filled more and more with elf products. They’re such great value for money, whilst being top quality at the same time. The ultimate combination. Wouldn’t you agree?

Have you tried Heart Breaker or any of the other five cream blushes in the range?

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