Are you Cool Taupe or Composed Fuchsia?

When meeting someone, we no longer need to look at the things they love and watch the way they act to learn about the kind of person they are. No, according to Daily Mail experts, we can now analyse the type of person someone is, by the colour of their nail polish!


Red, scarlet nails are said to be worn by regal, glamorous girls and those who wish to be noticed by men!


Coral is a colour that suggests a girl is energetic and confident. This girl is someone not afraid of the spotlight.


Taupe is said to be the most popular colour in London, Leeds & Manchester and associated with cool and fashionable girls.


Hot pink, fuchsia nails are for the classy and composed girl, a ‘no-nonsense’ person who enjoys flipping through fashion magazines.


Pale pink suggests a girl is light-hearted and optimistic and someone who likes their nail polish to reflect their fun side.


My favourite two shades at the moment are Shocking Pink (no. 272), Barry M and Turquoise Shimmer (no. 45), Beauty UK. Both colours are vibrant and fun. I especially love Shocking Pink and wear this on my fingers and toes regularly. It covers fantastically in one coat and two coats creates a deeper shade and tends to last a little longer.


Nail polish
According to my results, I’m confident with colour but shy away from glitter and embellishments. That’s true! Try it yourself and see what your nail polish personality is!  



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