Burgundy hair, green eyes, beaded collar & bowler

Hair, make up, collar and bowler hat
Burgundy hair & fringe
I love this first image as it combines two of my obsessions at the moment. Firstly, whether I should colour my hair in this gorgeous burgundy/plum shade and secondly, whether I should have my fringe cut back in. Both dilemmas for me, as I change my mind about my hair every five minutes; like most of us!

Firstly, this shade of hair colour is simply gorgeous and I’m just a trip to the hairdressers away from doing it! It’s so rich and eye-catching, without being too bright. I’ve mentioned it to various friends before and they’ve all said I should just go for it. If I were to go for it, I’d be likely to head to a salon, however if I were to colour it at home, this shade looks a little like Loreal Casting Creme, Plum 316 or Garnier Nutrisse, Burgundy 4.26, or maybe a combination of the two! If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear.

Secondly, lets talk fringes! I love fringes. They give a hair cut certain style, when cut well. When I had a fringe cut in previously and loved it for a couple of years. I wore the rest of my hair long to start and then had a layered bob afterwards. I really fancy having it cut again, but will I regret it.

This image makes me want to do both!

Green eye make-up
Playing with make-up looks that are a little braver than the brown or grey smokies, is something I would really love to do on a more regular basis. I love playing with colours but am often not brave enough to wear them as much as I should. This image is really beautiful. The use of green eye shadow and cream in the inner corners, really opens the eye. 

                            Peacock Tail eye-shadow from Collection Swimming eye-shadow from MAC

Collection Cosmetics Work the Colour Solo Eye Shadow in Peacock Tail, would be really great for this look. Slightly on the blue end of the green scale, this would look stunning. Alternatively, MAC’s high pigmented eye shadow, in Swimming, which is more green than Peacock Tail, would be a show stopper too. I’d even maybe fancy getting both shades and mixing my own. Sometimes the best colours are custom.

Beaded collars
My love for Collars has been a long standing one. I’ve got various tops and dresses with peter pan or beaded collars. I’ve also got a few necklace collars, but nothing quite like this one. I’ve just bought this from New Look, the Gold Woven Pastel Bead Collar Necklace
New Look collar necklace
At just £5.99 it’s a snip and if you shop at New Look at the moment, a lot of their jewellery is buy one get one free, so even better!
Collar necklace images, from New Look
As you can see, the collar looks really cute on. It’s got three shades of gorgeous multi sided beads on a gold chain, with a really good length extender chain, so you can adjust your look. I love it already and have so many outfits I want to try it on with. With the offer on at New Look, I might even get a couple more designs, as they have quite a few.

Bowler hats
Hats, hats, hats. And bowler type hats to be precise. I used to have a hat just like in this image when I was about 14. I thought I was the ‘bees knees’ and wore it with little dresses and black knee high socks! I’ll have to see if I can find some photos! I loved it so much and it’s great that this style of hat have come back into fashion. I really want to get one (if I can’t find my old one) and have found a couple really nice and affordable ones on the high street.

This wool Rolled Bowler Hat, £24 from Urban Outfitters, has ribbon detail on the rolled brim and would be sure to add style to an outfit.


Wool rolled bowler hat from Urban Outfitters


And finally, this Roll Brim Felt Boater Hat is really cute. It’s from ASOS. This one is just £18 and appears to actually have a slightly smaller rim. Crafted in pure wool, this one features a domed crown  and turn up brim, in a smooth, felt finish.

Boating wool hat from ASOS

I hope you enjoyed my Looks 2 B Loved this week. If you’ve tried out any of these looks, I’d love to know! Especially if you know what hair colour this is! :)

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  2. June 4, 2013 / 3:29 pm

    Hi Isabel, I’m still deliberating about whether to colour my hair! Love burgundy so much! :)

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