Four Looks 2 B Loved

Eyes, lips, jewellery & nail art

 Whilst looking through various fashion and beauty blogs this morning, there were four particular looks that really jumped out at me. I’m always looking for inspiration for nail art and make up and these looks struck me as beautiful examples of things I love and want to share on my blog.

Black matte nails with gloss polka dots would be the ultimate glam for a night out, especially if you’re wearing a little black dress and want a statement without being too obvious with red or blue. I think the best way to create a matte finish on any nail polish, would be by using the Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat, £12 from nails inc. By just applying one coat over your usual varnish, your nails will be transformed! You could then easily add polka dots using any clear top coat, preferably a quickly drying one, as you’ve already spent valuable ‘getting ready’ time with your black and matte coats! Alternatively, you could ask if a nail technician could create a similar look for you.

Being a lover of large, oversized jewellery, I really love this image. If you’re not able to fork out on a collection of bracelets from Tiffany’s (lets face it, who has), there are so many on the high street that could replicate this image perfectly. For just £40, the Premium Thread Wrapped Bracelet from Topshop would look gorgeous on its own, with the white and sparkling stones setting off any spring/summer ensemble. Or the Mega Sparkle Lattice Bracelet from Accessorize is equally as gorgeous, truly a statement piece and at £15 is a wardrobe must have.

Glittery lipstick or lipgloss is not something I’ve ever tried before. The concept of too much glitter has always filled me with dread and brings flash backs of wearing pink and blue glitter eye-shadows in the 80’s! However, this image might just change my mind and make me look at glitter in a new light. The soft rose gloss with its gentle sparkle, for the right occasion (possibly not work), could actually look really lovely. The NARS Greek Holiday Lip Gloss at £17.50, is something I would definitely try. The glitter is subtle and not too over powering. I’ve read on various sites about how you can make your own glitter lipgloss, using petroleum jelly, sweetened drink mix glitter, beeswax, Shea butter etc, but I’m not sure I like the idea of chunks of glitter stuck to my lips all evening. So a subtle shimmer gloss like NARS seems a more realistic, everyday option.

Amber and purple haze blended shadow, like this photo, would look absolutely gorgeous for a special occasion or night out. I love blending 3/4 colours together to create a beautiful layered look and this one is something I will certainly be trying. I should imagine it would be tricky to find a shadow/cream collection that includes both amber/gold shades with purples, so together with a good black liner and black lash enhancing mascara or falsies, I would try the Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow collection in Eternal Gold and Endless Purple, together with some darker bronzes to blend into the eye crease and corners. With a little practice, I think this combination would look truly beautiful.


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