Pink & blue eyes

Eye with blue and pink eye shadow


I’ve seen a lot of pink and blue eye-shadow looks recently, on various blogs and websites. I guess they’re two colours that you might not instantly think could possibly go together, but they really can! Some looks are far more dramatic than others, but they’re stunning all the same.

Eye shadow looks using pink and blue
I tried to create a pink and blue eye-shadow look, that is stunning and wearable and I think I managed to do just that.



This look was created using the Fräulein 88 Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette. Fräulein palettes are amazing for producing really creative looks and trying colours that you mightn’t if you had to buy each colour individually. I’ve got five Fräulein palettes now, including bases, blushers, lipsticks and concealers, together with this beautiful rainbow palette, which comes with a large mirror and two double ended applicator brushes.
Eye shadow colour palette from Fraulein

The colours are highly pigmented, so you don’t need a huge amount on your brush. Plus, the colours really stay put, which is fantastic! I’ve had endless fun trying different combinations from this palette. Some have worked and some haven’t! For the purpose of trying to show which colours I used for this look, I will name the colours alphabetically across and numerically down, i.e. C4 etc. I hope this helps!
Base – cream
I first brushed a layer of cream A2 across the eyelids and up towards the eyebrows. This helps the other colours I want to layer onto the lid, to stick, it opens the eye and also creates a fresh shimmery base to peep out from under the other colours.
Cream eye shadow
I then applied blue F6 (as you can see, this is one of my favourite blues) across the whole lid and out into a cat eye flick at the outer corner. I find it easiest to ‘flick’ eye shadow by using an eye liner brush. This helps me get the cat eye flick definition I want.

Blue eye shadow
I then used pink H1 under the lower lashes and up under the blue cat eye flick just created. Again, I used the eye liner brush to trace the line. I then took a tiny amount of the pink shadow into the inner corner of the eye, together with a tiny amount of white A1.


Pink eye shadow
White eye shadow


I then used a black Kohl eye-liner to draw across the top eyelid, under the lower lashes, inside the eye and upper eyelid. This helps the eye to really ‘pop’. Although if you wanted to go for an even more dramatic look, you could use a black liquid liner across the lid and take the cat eye flick out between the blue and pink flicks. Visit my previous post to find out how to create the perfect cat eye flick every time.
Next I used a black mascara to gently coat the top and lower lashes, just to create definition and to help the lashes blend into the false lashes.
I then applied false lashes as close to the lash line as possible, to complete the look. I used Ardell Demi Wispies lashes; my favourites. I use Revlon Precision Dark Lash Adhesive, instead of the supplied glue. Being black, I find this dark adhesive easier to blend into the lashes and lash line. With white glue, I always seem to find that there’s a little patch of glue that doesn’t turn clear and then I have to try and cover it with black liner! Lumpy liner alert!
Blue and pink eye shadow look
The end result I think you’ll agree, is really lovely. I hope you enjoyed this look and would love to hear if you’ve tried something similar.

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