Tips for applying flawless foundation

I found this really lovely graphic on Pinterest about how to correctly apply your foundation and just had to share it. The stages are obvious when you see them in writing, but if you’re anything like me, you tend to skip one or two of them to speed up the process but actually if we all followed these ’10 commandments’, we’d all look even more beautiful!

Foundation the 20 commandments
1. Start with hydrated skin
You’re probably thinking this is really obvious stuff and you’d be right but this step is so important. Dehydrated skin can tend to be flaky, tight and sore and makeup just isn’t going to look it’s best having this as a base.
2. Know your skin type
Again, nothing new hear but equally as important. You want to find a formula that will compliment your skin, not work against it. My skin is pretty ‘normal’ but even I have bought products before that have slid off after just an hour or so, so obviously designed for my dry skin types. I’ve made mistakes in the past and since have always looked at the labels.
3. Get Matchy-Matchy
This is where I think most of us have been guilty of going wrong before. Trying the shades on the back of your hand in the middle of a fluorescent lit shop, just isn’t going to work! Yes we might all feel a bit stupid rubbing a small amount of a tester onto our jawline and walking to the window, but believe me, it will save you money and extra trips to buy replacements.
4. Change with the seasons
I know all about step 4, as recently I actually had to change down the shade of my foundation for a third time and I was horrified (it’s been that long since I’ve seen any sun). But, it was necessary and my complexion looks so much better for it. Even if I am now Ivory!
5. Prime for a perfect complexion
I have a primer palette from Fräulein which I find helps me out when I most need it. It’s definitely worth investing in a primer that can ale any skin condition that you have.
6. Apply concealer
This stage can really help to even out your complexion, without the need to go heavy on your foundation. When I’m feeling particularly tired, I tend to use a little light illuminating concealer under my eyes. It works a treat!
7. Add foundation
I use a GOSH foundation brush to apply my foundation. The nylon hairs mean that the foundation isn’t absorbed into the brush. The best technique I’ve found is to start from the middle and work the foundation outwards and upwards. Did you know that the hairs on your forehead grow upwards?!
8. Learn to contour
Contouring in this way, much like I mentioned in my MUA haul post, really does help to frame the face. Follow the 3 shape and reverse for the other side. Try it!
9. Believe in bronzer
I really love Hoola bronzer from Benefit. It’s still the no. 1 best selling bronzer in the UK and has no sparkle or shine, just bronze. Fantastic! 
10. Lights, camera, action!
I always add a touch of highlighter on my brow bone, under my eyebrow, it really helps to open the eye.
I hope you found this useful. Try these 10 steps and let me know how you get on!


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