Maybelline Colour Show Lavender Lies Review

With the new Maybelline Colour Show nail varnishes on sale in Tesco at the moment for £2, I thought I’d pick up a couple! The first I grabbed, which I’ve tried today, is no 554 Lavender Lies.
1. Bottle & drip
What I particularly like about these nail polishes is the thickness in which they go on to the nail. One coat and I was done, which is quite rare. Often when a polish says it’s ‘one coat’, it lies! This one however was perfect after one sweep on each nail.
Considering I used so little polish to do this look, these bottles will last and last, which makes them an even better bargain.
Maybelline Colour Show 554 Lavender Lies on hand

These varnishes have a transparent gel base, which gives them a fierce fashion finish. They’re so shiny, they look like I’ve used a top coat.

The Maybelline Colour Show range has 38 shades including some of my favourites 6 Bubbilicious (a teal green), 110 Coral Reefs (a pinky/coral) and 262 Pink Boom (hot pink). There are also some really brave colours like 754 Pow Green (a neon greeny/yellow) and 341 Orange Attack (orange with a punch)!


Range of Maybelline Colour Show nail polishes
I think that Lavender Lies is absolutely gorgeous and can’t wait to try the others that I bought. 
Collage of Maybelline Colour Show 554 Lavender Lies on hand
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