Mint Green Quilted Bag

Whilst in Portugal recently, it would have been rude not to do a little shopping wouldn’t it?!

On one particular trip (and there were a few!), I was spoilt for choice with bags, purses and clutches and found it really hard to pick just one; which I amazingly did.

I went for this gorgeous Mint Green Quilted Bag.


Mint Green Quilted Bag
Yes, admittedly it isn’t leather (what handbags are these days) but I just thought it was too cute to leave behind. The colour is something I didn’t have before either, so it really caught my eye.
I really love the gold buckle fastening detail on the front and the quilted look stitching, which is very fashionable at the moment. The handles are a really nice thickness to hold too, not like some bowler bags, which are round and sometimes a little tricky to keep a hold of.
Another cute thing about this bag is there are three ways to use it. The first is as shown above, by using the short handles.
The second is by attaching the supplied straps to the front and back gold loops to create slightly longer straps.
Mint Green Quilted Bag small straps
The third way is by removing each of the shorter straps, attaching them to each other and to the little loops on each end of the bag, creating a long enough strap to put over your shoulder, or cross body.
Mint Green Quilted Bag long strap
The only slight down side with this option is that the hooks would sit directly on the top of your shoulder, which could be a pain if you’re not wearing a lot on your shoulders. Still a really cute idea though.
To be honest, I’ll probably hold it mainly, but it’s really nice to have options. And when the straps are completely off the bag, the hoops front and back just look like design details and not purely for function, so it works well.
The inside of the bag is really spacious with lots of pockets, zipped compartments and spaces for your phone and lippy.
Mint Green Quilted Bag long strap
Mint Green Quilted Bag inside
The lining inside is really light as well, which is great for finding things. I do hate it when a bag has a dark lining and it’s like a Tardis; hiding the one item you want each time!
I really love this bag and for just 15 Euros, I think it’s exceptional value.
Have you recently purchased a bargain bag? Let me know!


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