The Classic Bride

This is the final of my three posts on bridal looks; The Classic Bride.

Classic Bride

The classic bride look is timeless and elegant. To me, classic means clean cut, polished and everlastingly striking. To me this look has makeup full of natural & pink tones, perfectly formed up-do’s, crystal & pearl accessories and figure hugging dresses.


1. Makeup

The classic bride makeup look is not too dissimilar to the boho bride, with it’s natural toned eye-shadows but with a slightly pinker lip and a little extra addition of a bold eyeliner.

Classic Bride makeupWhether you are blonde, brunette or anywhere in between, the classic look is definitely the most timeless. This is a look that will never date and will always ooze with class and sophistication.



Keeping the eye-shadow for this look is key. A neutral smoky eye is perfect and can be in a palette of greys, pinks or browns and will look beautiful on any skin type.

Rimmel do some really pretty Glam’Eyes Trio Eye-shadows, which are just £6.49. The three shades in each trio compliment each other so amazingly well, to create their own particular smokey eye look, with a really silky formula for effortless application. There are seven trio combinations to choose from and my favourites of the trios are Dreamy, which is grey and pinks (my particular favourite classic bride eye look) and Spices which is full of neutral brown shades.

Alternatively. Maybelline’s EyeStudio Color Plush Palettes of 4 shades of silky eye-shadow, would be perfect for this classic bride look. The shades I feel would work best would be Sunset Seduction, Taupe Temptress and Copper Chic. My favourite being Sunset Seduction, which has two pink shades, a grey/taupe shade and a brown. This would make for such a beautiful smokey eye, brimmed with sophistication and class.

Tip: Once you have chosen which shade in your palette to use as a highlighter (usually the lightest), apply it to the brow bone, immediately under the brow’s arch and apply to the inside corner of the lower lash line. This will help to open the eyes, making them appear larger, brighter and more youthful!



Choosing a lipstick to suit a classic bride look is amazingly hard, just because there are so many gorgeous pink and neutral shades available! I feel that for this look, a pinker shade would really suit the style and work well with the potentially pinks, of the smokey eye makeup. I think a lipstick as supposed to gloss is better for this look too.

L’Oreal’s Rough Caresse Lipstick in Creamy & Lacy and Nude Ingenue are both beautiful. Both give the lips a veil of colour and a luminous sheer, light finish. I have the Nude Ingenue and it’s a beautiful day lipstick. It makes my lips soft and silky and lasts, which is a must on your wedding day.

Or, how about this Tom Ford lipstick in Pink Dusk, which is £36 at House of Fraser. This lipstick boasts that it is incredibly creamy and therefore smooth to apply and I simply love this shade. It’s the perfect romantic pink for such a special occasion. Plus, the packaging looks oh so luxurious too!

If this seems a little too pink for you, maybe check out the Tom Ford lipstick in Vanilla Suede instead. Beautiful!

Tip: Once you have applied your lipstick, make your lips into an ‘O’ shape, cover your finger with a tissue, put into your mouth and slowly twist out again. This will remove any fragments of lip colour which have stuck to the inside your lips, preventing them from attaching themselves to your teeth. Not pretty!


2. Hair & Hair Accessories

For me, the classic bride look is all about elegant up-do’s, with simple clean lines, perfectly pinned in place. I’m not by any means saying that an up-do is the only way to wear the classic look, but I think it really finishes off the look with a touch of class.

Classic Bride Hair

Chignons, high buns, low buns, twists and rolls. I love each and every one of them and they are all just as effective as each other.



I’ve always loved a sophisticated chignon and what better time to wear one than on your wedding day. A great up-do removes any fuss that long hair has and will always stay perfect. Chignons are traditionally achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape or back of the head, but there are now so many variations of the style, your choice is endless.

This Audrey Hepburn style chignon tutorial is so simple and stunning. All you need is some padding, a couple hairbands and some hair pins. It really is as easy as this tutorial makes it look too! So if you’re not hiring a hairdresser on your day, I’m sure this will be something you can create yourself with a little prior practice.

Tip: When pinning a chignon, make sure that the pins cross over the hair, not in the direction of. This will make sure that the pins grab onto of as much hair as possible and hold the padding firmly in place. Also make sure not to open the hair pins before fixing. Push them into the padding closed, for the best results.


High Bun

A high bun can be created in a number of ways. If you have particularly long and thick hair, you can create a beautiful bun by simply winding the hair on itself and pinning. However, a lot of us have finer hair (me included) and need a little help to get this kind of look.

I wear a large bun frequently and it’s easy once you have a hair doughnut, which come in a variety of sizes, for which ever sized bun you’d like and are so easy to use.

There are two ways that seems to work well for me; 1) place doughnut over pony tail, wrap hair over doughnut, tuck under doughnut and pin in place, or 2) place doughnut over pony tail, pull up towards ends, start wrapping hair over doughnut & rolling doughnut down towards the head, tucking and roiling as you go, before finally pinning into place. If you would prefer a more polished finish, no 1 is best.

There are lots of ways in which you can also make the bun a little more interesting; by wrapping strands of hair around the bun, or varying the fringe/front of the hair. I really love the upside down French braid into a bun look too, this is really gorgeous!

Tip: Don’t pick a doughnut that it so ridiculously big for your head that it swamps the look. The bun can be big yes, but be mindful of how it will look with the overall ‘classic’ style. Also, when choosing your bun, pick one that is the closest matching colour to your hair colour. Then, if any hair does peak through, it won’t be obvious that you’re wearing padding!


3. Hair Accessories

A beautiful accessory placed in or around a classic bride up-do simply finishes of the look.

Classic Bride Hair Accessories

This could easily be a ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’ and would finish your look with some sentimental value, whilst looking truly elegant. Alternatively smaller clips or flowers can be used to finish the style.

Accessorize has a beautiful Crystal Baroque Hair Slide, £10, which is gold and crystal in colour and would fix easily into an up-do, adding a little vintage to this classic look.

This pink and gold Enamel Daisy Hair Slide, £3.99 from New Look is really delicate and would look pretty pushed into a side twist.

Alternatively, if you’d like something with a more vintage edge, check out Glitzy Secrets, who have lots of pretty slides, like this Twenties Heirloom Large Hair Slide, £24. Worth the money I think!

Tip: Try to select just one hair slide if it is on the large side, or just a couple if they are smaller. If you’re wearing a couple,, try not to mix and match the style, i.e. some crystal, some pearl, as this can make the overall look seem confusing and messy. One key piece or a couple which are the same, will have a much bigger impact than a head crammed with jewels!


3. The Dress

A classic bride wedding dress tends to have classic lines, is figure hugging and quite often is strapless or has a sweetheart neckline.

Classic Bride Dresses

Tulle, silk, lace, anything goes really with the classic bride, it’s the shape that is usually the giveaway for this this look.

A strapless or sweetheart neckline dress can be so flattering, especially when it nips in at the waist and then flares out, skimming over the hips. The dress tends to be floor length, but can equally work in a shorter length and can often be straight, with a fish tail. There are so many variations of this style, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Pronuptia have a huge selection of classic dresses and I particularly like this Amar dress from the Pronuptia Creation range. It has a sweetheart neckline, with ribbon around the waist and sewn pleated ribbons, to create large flowers, on the skirt. With a mid train, this would be certain to impress on the isle.

The Wedding Dress Online Shop is also a great place to look at when searching for inspiration. Just one of the few gorgeous styles is this Taffeta Strapless Neckline A-Line style dress, just £185, which has some simple beading detail on the hip and gathers from the back to the floor. So pretty and understated.

I also really love this Tulle Mermaid Gown, £283, which has a mermaid ruffled skirt design. It’s so pretty and with the perfect makeup, up-do and accessories, will look truly classic.

Tip: When you have chosen your dress and you need alterations to the length, make sure to take the shoes that you will be wearing on the day with you. You will need to wear these at the time the measurements are taken to ensure that the length is made perfect to the height you are with shoes on.


The classic bride look is what it says, classic. It’s timeless and somehow, pure. I love this look and hope that you have maybe gained some inspiration from my post.

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Are you a Classic Bride?



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