Decorate Your Home With Autumn Lights

Autumn Lights

You may have seen me talk about autumn lights in my Autumn Interiors post and I thought I would show some of my favourite looks (gathered from Pinterest) for bringing lights into our homes at this time of year.

Strings of fairy lights hanging across windows and walls don’t have to be just something to enjoy over Christmas. They look equally warming and cosy during the autumn months leading up to the festive season.

Hanging across your bed head or foot board is a great way of bring autumn in and I love these star lights, probably advertised as Christmas lights, but why just enjoy them then? They’ll light your bedroom and create a warm vibe during any autumn/winter month.

I love, love, love fairy lights around mirrors. I’ve always had them around either a hallway, bedroom or lounge mirror in my home and love the extra glow they give to your reflection, helping blur any imperfections and making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Even smaller details like filling birdcages, jars or wicker hearts, fairy lights can be styled in so many ways that these cooler autumn/winter evenings all of a sudden don’t feel so dark; but pretty and cosy instead. I love this simple ‘how to’ from Sweet C’s Designs, jars filled with fairy lights have never been more pretty and simple!

Are you going to try adding some autumn lights to your home this season?


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