Herra Hair Perfume Making Me ‘Swish’

Herra Protect Hair Perfume

Herra Protect Hair Perfume

This is quite a new concept to me. I’ve used dry shampoo before but have never tried hair perfume, or really heard much about it to be honest.

This pretty bottle of Hair Perfume c/o Herra, available from here, has become a wonderful addition to my hair care routine. Herra suggests that you wear perfume for others and hair perfume for yourself. I kinda think that’s true! I’ve used it now for a few days and each time I move my hair, I get a gorgeous waft of fragrance, which is such a lovely sensation.

This is just the half of it though. Herra Protect is suitable for all lifestyles: in a salon, at home, work, gym, socialising or simply laying in the sun! Along with its gorgeous fragrance, this perfume also has the ability to hydrate and moisturise too. It’s packed with sunflower extract to protect the structure of the hair, glycerin to help provide hydration whilst sealing in moisture, plus a gorgeous blend of┬árose, white jasmine and lily, among many others, to leave your hair smelling delightfully fragrant! Gorgeous.

With just a couple of sprays onto the hair after I blow dry, it leaves my hair smelling delicious. It does seem to wear off after a few hours (which is quite usual), so although I could still smell the fragrance actually on my hair, it didn’t release it’s loveliness when I ‘swished’ anymore. So I re-sprayed if I wanted the fragrance to continue throughout the day. All in all though, it’s a wonderful revelation!

Herra (or Hera) means the ‘Greek Goddess of beauty and fragrance’. Perfect name for it I reckon!


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