Sranrom Blissful Blossoms Shower Gel Review

Sranrom Blissful Blossoms Shower Gel

Sranrom Blissful Blossoms Shower GelSranrom Blissful Blossoms Shower Gel label & swatchFor me, one of the best things about my blog is discovering new brands and products and sharing them with my lovely followers. One of my favourtie discoveries to date is the beautiful Sranrom, with it’s products formulated and produced in Thailand. I’m new to this brand and it’s wonderful selection of products and can’t understand why I’ve not heard of it before, as it’s truly beautiful!

The Blissful Blossoms Shower Gel, c/o Sranrom, comes in a 200ml bottle for £10. There are in fact six shower gels in their range; Zesty Starfruit, Calm Down, Tangy Delight, Sleep Tight, Jasmine Indulgence and Blissful Blossoms, which is packed with Champaka and Ylang Ylang plus five other flower extracts, to moisturise and condition the skin.

The shower gel itself is slightly orange in colour and has a beautiful, oriental smell to it that lingers on the skin after use. The first time I used this in the shower, I was actually suffering from a cold and breathing in the gorgeous scent as I showered, did for the time, help to clear my nose too! I find I don’t need an awful lot of product to create a lovely lather, so you don’t really need to apply ‘generously’ as it states. You’ll want to make it last a little longer than that! I find a broad bean size amount is just perfect.

If you haven’t tried this yet and like me, hadn’t even heard of Sranrom, you have to check them out. If you’re anything like me, once you try something, you’ll be wanting to try more!


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