W7 Loads Of Lashes Review

W7 Loads of Lashes

W7 Loads of Lashes

W7 Loads of Lashes

Before & after using Loads Of Lashes

W7 is not a makeup brand I’m totally familiar with and it’s not something I’ve tried before, but having mentioned before about how adding a little talcum powder to the lashes between coats of mascara can create a fuller lash, I was really excited to see whether W7’s Loads Of Lashes would have a similar effect.

Loads Of Lashes consists of a mascara wand full of nylon fibres that attach themselves to your lashes and when layered between coats of mascara, promises to create a fuller lash look without the need for false lashes.

The steps for using it are simple:

  1. Apply your everyday mascara and brush evenly to maximise lash coverage
  2. Apply W7 Loads Of Lashes, in the same way you do your mascara but look down to bind the fibres
  3. Wait approximately 45 seconds and re-apply your everyday mascara
  4. For even longer lashes you can repeat steps 2/3 as desired.

I’ve used this a couple of times now and you can see the results above. This is after just one coat. The fibres are really easy to apply to the lashes and it does make the lashes look fuller, but I’m not sure whether it really makes them look any fuller than just adding 1 or 2 more coats of mascara?

I do also find that it’s sometimes quite difficult to make sure you’ve coated all of the fibres and when applying it for these photos, I though I had; only to now see that I hadn’t!

I think there is a definite plus to this product in that it saves you adding lots of mascara coats for the same effect, which makes your mascara last longer. So for just £3.99 available from here, this product could well save you money.

Have you tried Loads Of Lashes? What do you think?


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