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Letterbox Cake from Baker Days

Letterbox Cake from Baker Days

Fruit Letterbox Cake

The concept of a cake arriving through the letterbox is quite a new one to me, well, anything other than sending Saffron cake in the post anyway (living in Cornwall, this is always a winner for friends and relatives)!

So when I heard about the Letterbox Cakes* from Baker Days, I was excited to try one, not only because I love cake but also because I like the idea of sending something to relatives at Christmas or birthdays, etc and what better way than saying you’re thinking of someone, than with cake!

I opted for the Reindeer Christmas design but you can choose from a number of designs or send in your own pic and they’ll personalise it for you! How great is that!

The letterbox cake is a 5inch cake (12cm x 2.5cm), so it fits through the letterbox, just like a Christmas or birthday card. It is suggested that there are approximately 3-4 portions per cake, but it all depends on how big a slice you want and there are also various options of filling too. I went for a traditional fruit cake filling, but there is sponge, chocolate chip and gluten wheat free options amongst others to choose from.

The cake arrived safely and in one piece and whilst it was a little dented in places, it was a joy to open and see the gorgeous round ‘Just for you’ tin and little Christmas cracker! A lovely touch. Inside the tin, the cake is wrapped in a see through wrapping, keeping it safe and secure and this easily pulls off to reveal your gift.

The cake itself is delicious! As you can see from my photo, the marzipan and fruit is so juicy that it tastes home made. The fruit mixture was crumbly and soft and tasted like it had just been cooked, so you could tell how freshly made these cakes are. I would highly recommend them!

Now I’m hooked on the letterbox cake, I’m intrigued to try their cup cakes too. I’d love to see my nieces face when she sees her birthday cup cakes with Harry Styles’s face on them! What a unique gift!


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