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Smooch Cosmetics BronzerSmooch Cosmetics BronzerSmooch Cosmetics Bronzer brushSmooch Cosmetics Bronzer box, product & hand swatchSmooch Cosmetics Bronzer on cheekAs you’ll probably know from previous posts I’ve written about bronzer, I’m not a huge fan of shimmery products, least of all bronzers. I find bronzers are a great product to use all year around, not just in the summer and therefore don’t want to look ‘shimmery’ during the autumn/winter months.

The Smooch Cosmetics Bronzer in Tan Queenie*, the newest of their bronzers, is perfect for my olive complexion and has no hint of shimmer in it at all, which is fantastic! Because of this, the look is really sun-kissed and natural. Tan Queenie boasts to be the matte shade in their bronzer range and it really is.

Smooch Cosmetics, if you’ve not heard of them, are a really cool and sexy cosmetics brand, with a cute name, cute identity and even cuter products. This is the first of their products I’ve tried but am pretty impressed.

First impressions, I really love the gold box, with it’s black lace detailing. It reminds me of one of my other favourite brands, Benefit, but more reasonably priced. Inside, the bronzers packaging is matte black, velvety feeling, with a good size 10g bronzer, brush and really good size mirror.

I usually like to apply bronzer with my own bronzer brush but thought I would give this one a try and it was really lovely to use. The brush bristles are quite long, there are lots of them and they are really super soft, so applying evenly was totally easy. Unlike some brushes that come with products, this one didn’t leave a line down my cheek, it applied evenly and easily where-ever I wanted.

The Tan Queenie bronzer itself is really pigmented and if anything, I might have used a little more than I usually would because it has so much colour in it! it’s really great to know that I don’t need to use so much next time; meaning the bronzer will go much further! An extra bonus!

Overall I am really impressed with this bronzer. It’s really natural looking (so perfect for this time of year), it’s really pigmented and easy to apply and at £13.95 from here, I think it’s well worth it!

Have you tried any Smooch Cosmetics products?


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