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Secret Santa2

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy your work female work colleague of friend for this years Secret Santa, how about these little ideas!

  1. Christmas Jumper Mug, Red5, £4.95
  2. Grey Set of 3 Stackable Heart Dishes, New Look, £4.99
  3. Cupcake Hand Warmer, Prezzy Box, £4.95
  4. Colour Unlimited Beauty Tools, Superdrug, £5
  5. Cute Pearly Owl Friendship Bracelet, Accessorize, £5

I know I’d love to get any of these in our Secret Santa this Christmas (hint, hint)!

2 thoughts on “Christmas | Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £5

  1. Jessica edmunds

    Perfect! I did this a while ago with men’s, women’s and kids and it took sooo long, but once you’ve found them it’s so handy for small present ideas!
    I love the brushes but also the hand warmer and the mug is pretty cute?! I love it all haha xx

  2. Charlotte Post author

    I know, exactly why I thought I’d share these few bits I came across whilst looking for mine. I love the mug warmer so much, I’m tempted to get a couple….. or maybe wait and see what Santa brings me!! x

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