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Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Shower Gels

Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Shower Gel - Delicate Acai Berry

Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Shower Gel - Vibrant Goji Berry

When Tesco had a special introductory offer on the Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Shower Gels, I thought I’d buy a couple to see what they were like. The packaging itself is so bright and colourful and at just £1, I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

What Nivea Say

Nivea say that these shower gels are a unique combination of Powerfruit and replenishing skin care. They ask that you let the vibrant fragrances energise you, while the formula, containing Vitamin C and Cranberry (in the Goji Berry), gently cleanses and invigorates your skin, leaving it feeling soft and well-cared for. Nivea say that these gels will relax and rejuvenate you with every shower. All sounds pretty dreamy!


I just apply a large pea size amount of the gel to my bright pink body puff and lather away. You really don’t need much as they lather fantastically, so they’ll last really well.

What Do I Think

I bought Delicate Acai Berry and Vibrant Goji Berry and I have to say, they are both absolutely amazing! Not only do they lather really well but also (and almost the most exciting point), they smell divine! So amazing. You really do want to eat them, as well as smother them all over your body! (Although that’s not recommended!!)

I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes a refreshing, fragranced shower.

The Nivea Powerfruit Shower Gels come in 250ml bottles and are approximately £1.99, so if I were you, I’d stock up because at that price, they’re still a steal!

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