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Blogging is all inclusive

Blogging is all inclusive

Blogging is all inclusive

Sometimes the most frustrating and yet adorable part of me producing my blog, is my daughter Grace wanting to get involved. For the most part I tend to take photos and write my blog posts when she is asleep, but sometimes, when the light is good, I like to get some photos taken.

Like all two year olds, Grace has such a devilish inquisitive nature and she can’t leave anything alone. If she wants to look at it, she’s got to have it. This can be a problem when you’re trying to set up a shot! But, you get there and it actually is rather nice to have Grace involved. I talk to her as I’m setting up and taking photos and sometimes ask if she could pass me something and she loves to get involved.

It’s one of the things that makes my blog writing so pleasurable. Having a project that is so versatile and I can do in and around the rest of my life. This is what attracted me to setting up a blog in the first place and it just goes to show how “all inclusive” blogging can really be.

Involve your little ones in your blogging and they’ll grow up with it, as supposed to looking at it as ‘Mummy working’. Involve them in photo shoots, take some pics of them specifically for your blog and they’ll love it! And I think, you’ll love blogging even more too!

Do you have ways of involving your little ones in your blog?

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