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Andrew Barton Miracle Frizz Tamer

Andrew Barton Miracle Frizz Tamer

So today I tried a couple of new hair products, the first being the Andrew Barton Miracle Frizz Tamer Shampoo* and Conditioner*. These were actually part of a prize that I won through Save the Blow Dry‘s Facebook ‘Queen of the Month’ competition and whilst my hair isn’t particularly frizzy, I thought I would give them a go to see how they reacted in my hair.

The first thing I noticed about them were their super cool packaging. I love the simple contrast of colours across their ranges and the white and black text looks awesome on these blue bottles. The Satin Smooth Shampoo is 400ml and the Satin Smooth Conditioner is 250ml.

The next amazing thing, which is possibly my favourtie about these products, is the glorious smell! They kind of remind me of those Refresher sweets you could get as a kid! Plus, even when your hair is dried, the smell still lingers, which is really kind of nice!

So What Does Andrew Barton Say?

‘Andrew Barton Shiny Happy Hair is a collection of no fuss, no nonsense hair products, that work. I know women’s lives are a constant juggling act, so with time limits in mind, I have carefully chosen ingredients, fragrance and textures that are practical and easy to use and leave your hair feeling magical and gorgeous. Take my honest advise and enjoy your shiny happy hair.’

‘Miracle Frizz Tamer Satin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner are specifically infused with rice bran oil, renowned for its ultra-smoothing qualities and with antioxidant-rich pomegranate. This creamy shampoo will leave hair silky to the touch, frizz free and cared for just like at the salon. The salon formula of the conditioner will leave hair tangle free, soft to the touch and protected from frizz all day long.’


Just like normal shampoo and conditioner, I used a good amount of shampoo, lathered and rinsed though and then applied a decent amount of conditioner to the bottom 2/3rds of the length. I never apply conditioner to the roots.

So What Did I Think?

Overall, for a product that I would say isn’t really specifically designed to me and my hair type, I really quite like it! It has definitely made my hair feel silky and smooth; without being too much so and the ends do seem to look a little tidier and stronger. Plus, the smell is gorgeous, so it’s worth using just for that!

Because my hair is coloured at the moment, I won’t be able to use this as my every day shampoo and conditioner, but I will definitely add it into my hair care routine.

Have you tried any Andrew Barton products?

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