Life | Exploring The Sunny Garden



Grace loves nothing more than being outside, so when the sun popped out from behind the clouds at the weekend, she couldn’t wait to get her Peppa Pig wellies on and go and explore the sunny garden!

Getting outside an getting fresh air, is not only a great way for your little ones to tire themselves out but it’s also free, which is fantastic. We’re lucky enough to have a little garden that Grace can see from our lounge, so she’s constantly reminded of the open space she has to play in when the weather is better. Because the sun was actually out on this occasion, she snapped up the chance.

Every time she explores the garden, it’s like everything is new. She touched the plants, strokes the grass, sits on the paving and wants to know what everything is. It’s amazing to see her little brain ticking, trying to work everything out and I of course, couldn’t resist but take a few photos too!

Well, that’s what cameras are for eh!

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