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Yon-Ka Skin Care Routine

A couple of months ago I introduced you to my new skin care routine*. I started using five Yon-Ka Paris products and today, I thought I would give you an update on how I have found using them.

For me it’s all very well reading blog posts about how great products appear, but unless they have used them for a length of time, I think it’s hard to make an opinion yourself, especially when some products are not cheap! So if you’re trying to decide whether to try a new skin care routine and don’t know which products to use, or whether you like the look of Yon-Ka but want to read about someone’s first hand experience in using them before you buy, hopefully this post will help.

So in my introductory post, I introduced you to five products, four of which I started using in the morning and three at night.

The morning routine I started consisted of the Lait Nettoyant, Lotion Yon-Ka, Hydra No 1 Serum and Hydra No 1 Creme. My evening routine started with the same Lait Nettoyant and Lotion Yon-Ka, plus the Phyto 58 Night Creme.

So How Did I Get On?Yon-Ka Skin Care Routine on dressing table

As I admitted in my previous post, the thought of getting used to so many products for morning and evening, when I used very little before, was quite daunting.

I used all five products for the first couple of weeks and then had to change my routine slightly.

My Morning Routine; Thoughts & Experiences

In the morning I was using the cleanser and toner, which was fantastic and still is. I have to say, I’ve really been missing a trick these last how ever many years, by not thoroughly cleansing and toning my face before applying makeup.

I love the cleanser (Lait Nettoyant) and love, love, love the toner (Lotion Yon-Ka). They both leave my skin feeling deliciously fresh and clean and I think what I especially love about the toner is the pump action spray, which enables the product to be ‘spritzed’ onto my face, making it feel super luxurious. I usually leave it to dry naturally on my face for about a minute, whilst I get my makeup ready and then I’m ready to go.

As you will see, I mentioned here about not using the Serum or Creme before applying my makeup. Well I did start using these every morning, but after I’d done this for a couple of weeks, I discovered that my skin wasn’t as dry as I once thought and using them every day made my skin a little too greasy! Typical! So now I use them once a week, when I feel my skin could do with a little extra ‘oomph’, otherwise I stick to the cleanser and toner in the mornings, before applying my usual foundation primer. This, I feel, is a perfect combination for me and that’s what a skin care routine is all about; finding the right combination of products that work for you and your skin. After all, we’re all so different!

My Evening Routine; Thoughts & Experiences

In the evening, again, I’d been used to using hardly any products at all, so the thought of using three was also a bit daunting. Most of the time I haven’t even got the energy (though I ALWAYS fine it) to take my makeup off at all, so adding extra time to a routine that was going to delay flopping into my bed was not something I really wanted to do.

I started by using the cleanser, toner and night creme and have continued to do so every day since I started. I started by applying some of the cleanser to my face with my fingers and then washing it off with water over the sink, but now I apply the cleanser to my face with a large wet cotton pad and feel this works better for me. I concentrate on my eyes first and probably use 3/4 large pads to remove all my eye makeup and then use another couple to remove my foundation etc. I’m really tempted to try a cleansing cloth for this, as it will save so many cotton pads! I have one ready to go, but haven’t quite got around to using it yet. Tonight’s maybe the night?!

I then apply the toner, spraying in the same way as the mornings and just pat dry (because time is of the essence in the evenings) and apply a thin layer of night creme, before falling into bed. This routine has continued to work for me and makes my skin feel beautifully soft. My husband always comments on the nice smell too!

Would I Recommend Yon-Ka?

Yes! The long and short of it is, yes I would recommend Yon-Ka skin care. Whilst I have found that I can’t use each of the products every single day, I have certainly found how I can best use them to get the best results for me. Everybody is different and it’s all about finding what works for you. Why not use the the products slightly differently to how they suggest, if it works and makes your skin feel better for it?

My skin is definitely a lot smoother and clearer since using these products. I don’t have particularly spot prone skin anyway, but my decision to start a skin care routine was more about not getting any younger (!) and wanting to treat my skin with a little more respect! I now feel like I’m doing the best for my skin and actually feel like my skin’s thanking me for it too! I’m also pregnant, which for some ladies can make their skin seem drained and grey, but for me, I feel like my skin has never looked or felt better. So either it’s the hormones or the amazing ingredients of Yon-Ka!

If I was starting a skin care routine all over again, I would definitely try Yon-Ka. They have products for all skin types and a variety of skin conditions too, so there will definitely be something in there for you.

If you’ve not visited their site do, because you can use the Yon-Ka Diagnosis tool to enter in your skin type, any skin condition you’re concerned about or would like advice on and it customises your own personal beauty routine, which is fantastic. This is how I discovered that Yon-Ka have products in their line for my melasma and I’ve not looked back!

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