Beauty | Chill Ed Lush Hair Oil/Serum Review

Chill Ed*Lush Hair Oil/Serum

Chill Ed*Lush Hair Oil/Serum

With so many celebrities donning the red carpet with the most enviable, glossy, shiny locks, it’s probably on most of our minds to find that perfect product that will put extra power in our own hair, to even remotely resemble a celebrity styled hair do.

I for one am always looking for products that accentuate the natural shine of my hair. Admittedly I’m quite lucky that my dark hair is fairly shiny anyway, but anything that might help is welcome, especially as being pregnant, hormones can do all sorts of funny things and before I know it, I could be crying out for some extra shine!

What Chill Say

Chill ed lush*, available for £14.99, is a serum or oil containing a superior blend of oils to banish tangled, matted hair and reveal its true beauty, especially when hair has been coloured.

Although ed lush is designed for all hair types and colours, they have also created a special formulation for the unique characteristics of blonde hair too. By adding violet pigments to the serum, unwelcome gold and brassy tones are resigned to history, leaving you a more dazzling blonde.

Directions For Use

Simply apply a small amount to damp hair, comb through to de-tangle, blow dry and style as normal.

So What Do I Think?

I’ve used this a few times now and have only applied a minimal amount to my hair before blow drying. I don’t like to use too much product, just in case it makes my hair feel thick and heavy (as some oils can).

So far I have found that it gives my hair a nice texture but hasn’t really improved it’s shine a great deal. As I mentioned before, my hair is quite shiny anyway, so it is possibly quite difficult to tell. I do however feel that my hair feels smoother and nicer to touch throughout the day, which is certainly welcome!

I think if you are looking for extra shine as well as hair that is more manageable and soft to touch, Chill ed lush is definitely worth a try.

Have you tried anything in the Chill range?

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  1. July 27, 2014 / 1:53 pm

    This looks great and definitely worth a shot, I love the packaging too. My hair is like an afro in summer xx

  2. July 27, 2014 / 2:45 pm

    You should for sure. Chill have some other great products too, so there could well be something there that helps! x

  3. August 3, 2014 / 10:15 am

    Ah thanks girls! Pretty lucky with my shine to be honest, as I don’t really treat it that well; you know, straightening, curling, blow drying, back combing!x

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