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Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Recently I reviewed the gorgeous Helene nail polish from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection (which you’ll see make an appearance in some of my photos in this post) and today I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on some of the other gorgeous products in the range.

At first when I heard that Joan Collins had a range of beauty products, I was a little skeptical. Celebrity endorsed products are not something I usually buy. I’ve only been occasionally known to buy the odd celebrity endorsed perfume (think Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani – oh dear!), but that’s been about it. So I was curious to know what Joan Collins and her glamorous, chic ‘Dynasty’ persona could add to my makeup collection.

The collection itself is considered to be a luxury beauty brand and the product price points definitely reflect this. It is a really luxurious collection; you can just tell by looking at the products, let alone actually using them! Joan herself has played a huge part in the development of the range, which is fantastic, using her vast beauty knowledge after working with some amazing beauty experts during her career and bringing it together in this beautiful line of products.

The products in the Timeless Beauty collection that I thought I’d try first were the First Base Foundation* in Warm Medium, the Impeccable Finish Loose Powder* in Translucent and the Glorious Gloss* in Ava. I’m continuously looking for foundation and finishing products to perfect a flawless complexion, as I am lip gloss’s, which I appear to be a little addicted to and am always looking for the next gorgeous shade.

First Base Foundation, Warm Medium

“Foundation is the first and most important step in any make-up.” – Joan Collins.

When selecting which shade of First Base to go for, I loved the handy guide on the Timeless Beauty site. Did you know that no matter how fair or dark your skin colour is it will have cool, warm or neutral undertones?

So what Joan Collins has done is broken the First Base shades out into three types; cool, warm and neutral so that we can all find the perfect shade for us.

A handy guide is; if you’re cool, your veins in your inner wrist tend to appear blue and you tend to turn a flushed pink in the sun, or burn easily. If you are warm, the veins on your wrist tend to appear more green and you tan quickly. If you have neutral skin, you will have an equal number of blue and green veins. So from here, you can choose from Warm Fair, Warm Medium, Warm Dark, Cool Fair, Cool Medium and Cool Dark shades. I decided I was Warm Medium.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

On first applying the First Base Foundation, I was a little worried that I had picked a shade too light for skin at the moment, but after blending well, as you can see on the back of my hand, it matched perfectly! The last thing you want with your foundation is for it to look like you’re wearing any; a big no, no!

The formula blended into my skin really well and dried to a powder like finish, which I really like. The finish for me was pretty flawless. It left my face feeling bright and wasn’t heavy on my skin at all. There is no greasiness to the formula of this foundation and it definitely feels top end.

I still find I need to use my concealer to cover my melasma but for covering the rest of my face with a thin veil of flawlessness, this is pretty perfect! Available to buy for £25, this is definitely a ‘top end’ product but really does feel luxurious on my skin, so to me, well worth the money!

Impeccable Finish Loose Powder, Translucent

“The final step in the creation of a flawless face. This incredibly light powder sets the make-up and prevents smudging, providing an impeccable finish.” – Joan Collins.

The idea of this Loose Powder is to set the First Base Foundation. Therefore the translucent powder takes on a chameleon effect, mimicking the surrounding tones and suiting all skin types, which is brilliant.

I’ve never used a powder to set my makeup before, only the Thermal Spring Water from La Roche-Posay, so this was a first and I was really excited to see how well it held my foundation during the day; especially as it’s so warm at the moment!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

When I tried this powder after eventually getting the plastic protector from the pot (boy was that stuck well!), I was super excited from the minute I patted it onto the puff. The powder is really fine and when applied to the face does exactly what it says and blends perfectly with the skin and colourings around it.

It has been particularly warm recently, so I was looking forward to seeing if the powder helped my foundation to stay in place and helped my skin to appear flawless and shine free throughout the day. Well so far so good! I’ve worn this a few times now over the top of the First Base Foundation and find that my shine is reduced and when I do need to apply a little, the formula is so light that it doesn’t make my skin look clogged. Brilliant!

The Impeccable Finish Loose Powder is available for £24, so is again a top end priced product. With needing so little to get the desired effect however (due to it’s really handy honeycomb style dispenser, which reminds me of Sheer Cover), I can imagine it lasting quite a while, so you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Glorious Gloss, Ava

“My lips are probably my most important feature and I always have them covered. A quick sweep of Glorious Gloss and a pair of sunglasses and I’m ready to face the world.” – Joan Collins.

The reason I chose this particular shade in the gloss range, was the ‘pink-bronze’ colour that it was described to be. In the summer I always think it’s quite nice to have a little shimmer on the face and what better way to wear shimmer than on the lips!

There are four colours in total in this range; Too Hot To Handle, which is a bright fuchsia pink, Pearl, which is a light iridescent shade, Monte Carlo which is a beautiful warm red and Ava. So all very different and all of which if I’m honest, looking highly appealing. I think I want to try them all!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

The bottle of the Glorious Gloss is stunning! I love the big tube and the gold wand. It just feels so glamorous. The gloss itself does not disappoint either. Just look at the gorgeous pink-bronze shimmer, it’s beautiful! The gloss applied effortlessly and looks amazing. It doesn’t feel too sticky either, as some lip glosses can. I’m thankful for that living in Cornwall, where we get the inevitable South Westerly winds and there’s nothing more frustrating than your freshly blow dried hair sticking to your lip gloss!

This is a lip gloss that I can see myself wearing during the day and night. The added bronze shimmer makes it perfect for wearing from day to night and I can see it becoming a firm favourite.

Available online for £18, this isn’t maybe what I’d class as an ‘every day’ lip gloss but more for a special occasion. It is a fair bit more expensive than some of my other favourite glosses, but I feel is definitely worth the money for it’s luxurious ‘wow’ factor when pulling it out of your handbag to reapply! And what girl doesn’t like that?!

So What Do I Think?

Out of the four produts from the Timeless Beauty collection that I’ve tried, I’d have to say that the Impeccable Finish Loose Powder is my favourite. It’s so light and blends perfectly with my ever changing skin tone, that it will definitely be a firm favourtie in my every day routine.

I do however love them all and would urge anyone who hasn’t tried anything from this range to give something a go! I’m so pleased with these products that it has inspired me to try others in the future and it’s also taught me to not be so sceptical about celebrity endorsed products; because sometimes, they can really pleasantly surprise you!

What about you? Have you tried any celebrity endorsed beauty products before? If so, I’d love to hear.

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  1. July 29, 2014 / 11:24 pm

    The gloss is just beautiful, I am yet to find my perfect foundation shade xx

  2. July 30, 2014 / 6:59 am

    Finding your perfect shade is always difficult. I find as soon as I do, my skin colouring changes again and ok back to square one!x

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