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2Grace in garden new

1Grace in garden new

After a few days of rain, it was lovely yesterday to see a little sun and be able to get outside with Grace and enjoy it. There’s so much going on in our house at the moment, with baby on the way and an imminent house move, that I think Grace has been going stir crazy.

Sunshine is such an amazing healer for making us feel better isn’t it? Just a little play outside, gave Grace a new spring in her step. She loves playing with her water table and it was probably one of the last times that she’ll be able to this year, so we got stuck in.

I think that at just 2 & half Grace is very aware that there is a major change afoot and that some of her ‘stir craziness’ has been because of the new baby. They’re so clever aren’t they! Although she’s making all the right sounds about having a new baby brother or sister, I’m sure deep down she’s wondering what this change will mean for her. I must admit, I’m a little nervous about how the dynamic will all change too, so I don’t blame her for feeling a little unsettled.

The autumn sunshine cleared our heads though and when we returned inside, we both seemed to feel refreshed and ready to continue the day. I just wish summer weren’t over and this will be one of the last chances we get to enjoy the sun. Without a trillion layers on that is!

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