Apple Blossom | Library of Fragrance Review

Apple Blossom | Library of Fragrance Review

It’s not something I’ve come across before. A fragrance range that includes scents such as Baby Powder, Sunshine, thunderstorm and Waffles, so when I first heard about The Library of Fragrance and its huge range of scents, I was really excited to know more!

A capsule collection of 28 of the fragrances are available to buy from over 400 Boots stores nationwide and a wider range of 101 fragrances are available on their website, including Apple Blossom*, which is the first scent that I’ve sampled.

What The Library of Fragrance Say

“In order to bear its delicious fruit, all apple trees must cross-pollinate by attracting bees and butterflies to their pretty, delicate flowers. And how best to do this? By scent, of course!

Our Apple Blossom fragrance captures the warm and delicate floral scent of the blossom, with just a hint of sweet apple to represent the promise of what’s to come.”

First Impressions

The bottle itself is really simple. Each of the scents are identical, with purely the name and fragrance description printed differently on each. I have to be honest and say that when I first saw the ranges design, that it does remind me of a room fragrance, as supposed to perfume.

Whilst the design really doesn’t scream perfume to me, the scent itself and the concept of the collection far out-ways its appearance. These scents are created to be layered, which is a completely new concept to me and super exciting!

The Library of Fragrance say that: “The simplicity of [the brand] enables wearers to ‘layer’ the scents and wear them together to create new and unique iterations.”

Have you heard of any other range like this before? Scents that can be worn on their own or together with others? It’s so unique. Right?

A great example that The Library of Fragrance choose to best explain their innovative idea is ‘Grass’ + ‘Sunshine’ + ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’, which when worn together will conjure up the feeling of a summer day’s stroll in the park. How amazing! This is certainly something I’ll be wanting to try come the cold, wet winter months!

So What Do I Think?

OOoooOoo, Apple Blossom is so yummy! The perfect scent to introduce me to the brand and wow, do I love it! It’s such a light, refreshing fragrance and perfect for day time wear.

Apple Blossom actually reminds me a little of DKNY’s Be Delicious, which is a pretty awesome comparison really because not only is that one of my old favourtie fragrances but also with Apple Blossom available for just £15, it’s a snip too! Far less damaging on the pocket!

I’ve been told that trying Apple Blossom with Peach or Mango might be a great combination, so I’m excited to try them when I’m next in Boots. I’m sure Boots won’t mind me spraying away to get the right combination for me!

So does Apple Blossom of some of the other scents in The Library of Fragrance’s range sound fun to you? Are you going to be hopping down to Boots to find your unique combination?

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  1. October 18, 2014 / 1:37 am

    Oh wow this sounds gorgeous, especially as I love DKNY be delicious xxx

  2. October 20, 2014 / 3:31 pm

    You should get down to Boots and sniff some lovely! xx

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