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j-lo lips

j-lo lips

j-lo lips

j-lo lips

On my quest to find the perfect J-Lo lip I’ve come across a couple of nude lipsticks lately that are really, really lovely and I thought I’d share them with you.

For me J-Lo always seems to have the perfect nude lip, whether it’s with background hints of pink or brown, either lip always looks stunning and simply perfect for day to day wear but finding the right shades that work for me has always proved difficult.

I talked quite a while ago about the Dior Addict lipstick in Spring Ball, which I’m still loving, but L’Oreal’s Color Riche J Lo’s Nude which is a more browny nude and Avon’s Ultra Colour Satin lipstick in Blush Nude, which has pink undertones are both gorgeous and reasonably priced too.

L’Oreal Color Riche; J Lo’s Nude

Let me first share with you a little diamond of a lipstick from the latest L’Oreal Color Riche collection, which consists of 6 custom made nudes chosen by 6 iconic L’Oreal spokeswomen, including J-Lo and Eva Longoria. It’s such a lovely collection that I really struggled to pick just one! This was the third product I picked in Boots current 3 for 2 offer, with the other two products I chose being the Infallible primer and the Infallible nails.

J Lo’s Nude won me over straight away; after all, what better lippie to help create the J-Lo lip but a shade chosen by the gorgeous lady herself! This nude is really pretty with it’s brown undertones, it glides across the lip beautifully and when applied has a gorgeous pinky satin sheen. So pretty! J Lo’s Nude also has the same scent as L’Oreal’s other color riche lipsticks. Can’t tell you exactly what that scent is, but it’s funny how I recognise it! Put a lipstick on me blindfolded from this collection and I’d know!

I’ve got a little bit of a suntan at the moment, good old Cornish sun, so this lipstick really pops. This collection has been designed to match various skin tones and hair colourings, so I think this one in particular really suits bronzed skin. I really love it!

Avon’s Satin Blush Nude

Avon’s Ultra Colour Satin lipstick in Blush Nude is really pretty too. I get the Avon book popped through my door regularly and I love to browse through it with a cuppa and I quite often end up purchasing various bits and bobs. In one of the most recent brochures I thought I’d try to pick up a nude lipstick and with matte, silk and satin options, it was quite hard to choose.

I’m not a massive fan of matte lipsticks, but probably because I just haven’t found the right one for me yet, so I opted for Blush Nude from the satin range. This lipstick has much more pinky background tones, glides on beautifully again, feels really nourishing on the lips and also has a stunning pink sheen. So lovely.

Avon quite often have great offers on too, so really worth checking out their website for great discounts. At the time I bought this one, it was £3 off, so a real steal.

So these are the J-Lo lip picks I’ve recently discovered. What do you think? Do you think you’d like to try one or both of them? Or do you have the perfect J-Lo lipstick? If so, do share!

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