Repertoire Fashion Style Challenge

Repertoire Fashion - Style Challenge

Repertoire Fashion - Style Challenge

When asked to take part in a challenge I rarely say no, so when approached by Repertoire Fashion and asked if I’d like to take part in their Style Challenge and pick an outfit for my husband, I was excited to get started!

My husband Ross and I have been married for over six years and together for twelve, so I feel like I know his style pretty well. Having said that though, when I have surprised him with clothing in the past, the gifts have been a combination of hit and miss. Some he’s loved, some have been returned. He’s a very particular fellow and likes what he likes, so this challenge could have gone either way to be honest!

Repertoire Fashion if you’ve not come across them before, have an enormous stock of men and womens designer clothing, including Armani, Barbour, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood. The choice is enormous, so to say this was a style ‘challenge’ was certainly true!

My Style Challenge Picks

After a lot of narrowing down, there were far too many lovely things to choose from, I went for two pieces; a G-Star Jacket and a grey Superdry T-Shirt; channeling a casual weekend style. I also thought that the two pieces would look great together.

When the items arrived I was so pleased. The jacket in particular has such a lovely quality to it and the t-shirt is the usual good quality you’d expect from the brand. So then it was a case of seeing whether Ross liked what I’d picked for him. The moment of truth.

The Verdict

Thankfully he loves them! As you can see the two items look really great and perfect for kicking back on the weekend and being outdoors with the little’uns, whilst looking super stylish at the same time.

“I really like the fit of both items, especially the jacket, as I often find it hard to get jackets that are a slim fit. The quality is fantastic and the colours Charlotte picked are great too. I’ll be able to style them easily so they’re a great addition to my wardrobe. She did well!”

We also both agreed that the jacket is really good for this time of year too, when you don’t want to wear a thick winter jacket but you still need something. This jacket is perfect and the hood aids with the odd unwelcome April shower too!

I think I’ve pulled this style challenge off. I’m amazed if I’m honest! Ross loves the clothes and I think he looks pretty great as well, which is always a bonus. I don’t think the challenge could have gone any better.

Do you ever surprise your other half with clothes? Or are you like me and tend to avoid buying clothes for your partner unless he’s picked them?

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