3 Taylor Swift Style Steals

3 Taylor Swift Style Steals

Well there we are, I knew it, Taylor Swift is amongst the 100 most powerful women in the world list for 2015, created by Forbes! I’ve been obsessing with her style for a while now, so it’s no surprise to me that she’s appeared and to be the youngest ever, that’s pretty cool too!

So I guess you’re wondering what is it about Taylor that I’ve been obsessing about? Well her makeup, hair and styling always seem flawless and what I love about Taylor as she strikes me as a real girl next door, a bit kooky and clumsy and therefore her look seems more achievable than some celebs.

Taylor’s trademark red lip look has to be her most recognisable feature over recent years, along with her long bob and both have been a huge influence for my makeup and hair styling over the last couple months, so I thought I’d share a few hints and tips I’ve researched and picked up in order for you too to steal Taylor’s style!

‘I got that red lip classic thing that you like’!

Firstly and most importantly I’m talking a beautifully striking red lip. Taylor’s trademark. Her look wouldn’t be complete these days without a gorgeous sweep of crimson across her lips and like her song Style suggests, it really is a “classic” look that is so easily stolen.

There are so many amazing red lipsticks out there and Taylor seems to have an array of red lips shades that she wears, so your choice is endless with regards to this steal.

Taylor Swift trademark red lip

One of my favourites at the moment is Crystal from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range. This shade is a beautiful dark red and the product is so pigmented and moisturising that it doesn’t dry the lips out and your colour stays in place amazingly.

Mac’s Ruby Woo is a shade that I’m dying to get my hands on too, as I’ve heard so much about it from fellow bloggers!

Worn with a good lip liner a red lip is the first and easiest way to grab Taylor’s style for your own but teamed with her next signature look will really set it off.

Classic Black Liner

This look teamed with the red lip is actually a very Marilyn Monroe look and something th0at has really taken off again in recent years; especially for those dreaming of a vintage style wedding. This look is perfect for that.

I love the flick of black liner across the top lashes and more often than not, Taylor wears hers without much makeup on the rest of the lid or the under eye. This creates a really simple, striking look and one that I’ve adopted a lot recently.

I used to wear pencil or shadow under the eye everyday, as well as pencil in the waterline, but since my Taylor obsession really started, I’ve moved over to making more emphasis on the liner and leaving the under eye clear of product. I love this look.

Taylor Swift liner

I’ve recently been using the Eye of Horus Liquid Define liner, which has a lovely semi-flexible nib and I also really like Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Eyeliner which glides on beautifully.

If you want to steal this style then don’t fear that you won’t be able to get your flicks level, as there are plenty of tips out there for helping achieve the perfect flick (including this great tutorial from the Beauty Department) but also, don’t feel you have to have a flick at all! A black liner straight across your top lashes is just as striking, without the flick. So do what feels most comfortable to you. Most days I go without the flick and only apply it if I’m going out. Day to day it can look a little ott!

The Lob; One of 2015’s Most Desired Styles

A few years back Taylor had a chop from her long wavy locks to a tidy long bob and she’s not looked back. For me, the moment she did this it marked her transition from girl to woman and her music style changed and grew up too.

The thing I like about Taylor’s long bob, or ‘lob’ is that she makes it look so versatile. Worn mainly in waves or straight, with her chunky fringe, she carries the style off perfectly.

Taylor Swift lob

I’ve had shorter hair in the past but recently have gone long again. Until just last week that is, when I decided I needed a change in time for summer and decided that a lob, like Taylor’s could be perfect. So I went for the chop! It feels great to have a change and if you’re considering going for the very popular lob, there are a few things to consider first, so take a look at this little checklist.

If in doubt though, just have a chat with a good stylist and they will lead you to a version of the style that they think will work for you, as there are different lengths and styles within this style, like softer layers, blunt layers, graduated bobs or same length. And then there’s the colour! You could go the whole way and go blonde like Taylor too! Well, why not.

Are you feeling inspired? Do you think you might steal some of these Taylor Swift style tips this summer? I’d love to hear if you have a celeb influence that you would love to emulate.

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  1. May 29, 2015 / 2:28 pm

    If I ever got my haircut it would be like Taylors <3 I love her whole look and are super envious of her wardrobe Gisforgingers xx

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