What’s In My Bag | The Teeny Tiny Edition


I’m so nosey when it comes to seeing what’s in other people’s bags, so I thought I do my first ‘what’s in my bag’ post and show you what I like to take out and about with me in one of my smallest bags. So here’s ‘the teeny tiny edition’ of what’s in my bag!

So I’m not sure of the exact protocol of writing one of these posts but from reading so many and then looking at the contents of my bags, it would seem that most people have way more exciting contents in their bags (or dare I say it, place certain products to please certain brands or agencies! Oops , I said it!)

I’ve decided that like my product reviews, I will remain honest to what my bag contains and certainly won’t be placing anything to make it appear more ‘interesting’. Obviously dependant on what bag I’m using, the contents do change, so this edition today is with one of my smallest bags and therefore the contents are minimal. Here goes!

So let’s start with the bag itself. This little beauty is a cross-body satchel from Warehouse at House of Fraser and is pretty teeny tiny yes, but I really love it and it’s been a firm favourite since I got it just before Christmas. It’s a gorgeous tan colour with a popper fastener, adjustable strap and cute gold stud and buckle detail. It has just one little internal pocket, just big enough for your phone or lipstick.

I find this bag to be perfect for running my daughter Grace to nursery as it holds just enough and it’s strap allows me to be hands free. Useful when holding a toddler’s hand and pushing a pram at the same time, because funnily enough I don’t have more than two hands. Well who has. Unless you’re My Tickle!

Onto the content then and the first absolute necessity in any bag is my purse. Unless you’re the Queen I can’t imagine anyone would say any different. Unfortunately in this case, my purse is almost as big as my bag, so space is limited for anything else. Yes I could get a smaller purse, but where’s the fun in that! Learning to condense my essentials is half the fun!

This super sized purse is really lovely, it’s a nude colour with a huge bow on it and has bundles of pockets, card slots and a coin zipper section inside. It’s a beaut. I actually got it in New Look last Spring and is slowly looking a little used, but is still very much loved.

At this time of year I’m bound to have a pair of sunglasses kicking about in my handbag, car, baby changing bag, pretty much everywhere and on this occasion in this bag I’ve got my Mercy sunnies from Foster Grant. I actually picked these up in Matalan last summer and were a total bargain.

I have loads of sunglasses but these are actually my fav at the moment, even over my Ray Bans. I love the tortoise pattern with the cutest hint of gold/bronze shimmer and the cat eye style is so flattering and flirty. They go with everything. A firm favourite.

Wherever I go I always like to take a notebook and pen or pencil just in case I have a blog brainwave or need them for something; I often do. A lot of the time I use my phone but there are still times when I need a good old piece of paper, so this little cupcake notepad and pencil is a must in any size bag.

On this particular occasion I appear to have not one, two or three lip products in my bag but four! Whoops! I’m a little indecisive with lip products some times, so I tend to always have more than one to hand. The first that I never leave home without is my Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. I’ve always got a lipsalve of some sort on the go, more often than not there’s about 3 or 4 knocking about the house at any one time. This is my favourite for keeping my lips super soft and I’m a little addicted to it to be honest!

I’ve then also got three lip colour products, my Estee Lauder Roller Ball Gloss in Squeeze. This is favourite lip gloss at the moment, is such a lovely versatile shade and is worn a lot. I’ve also got my new Avon lipstick in Blush Nude and my trusty favourite nude Dior Addicts Spring Ball. These are both fantastic nude shades perfect for day wear, with one slightly more pink than the other. Some days I start wearing one and finish with the other! That’s how I roll!

My iPhone 5c goes everywhere with me. It’s kind of a no brainer. On the odd occasion when I realise I’ve not put it in my bag I instantly feel lost. It’s so stupid!

I heard today about National Unplugging Day on 28th June, where everyone is encouraged to put down their smartphones, computers and tablets for 24 hours to experience life unplugged. I have to admit that we’re pretty guilty in our house of using the laptop, using our phones and iPad quite regularly and Grace, who’s 3, is quite partial to a little play on the iPad herself, as it’s so normal to her.

In moderation we’re fine with that but I do wonder what it would be like for none of us to do anything technical for a day. I think I’d really miss the odd Instagram upload but will definitely be giving it a try. How about you?

I recently came across Popbands which are a cute ribbon like elasticated hairband that are great at minimising kinks in the hair. I’ve now always got a Popband in my bag, together with a couple hair grips as you never know when my hair may just get a little too annoying and I just HAVE to put it up out of the way. They’re always handy for Grace too. Once a Girl Guide, always a Girl Guide; Be Prepared!

Finally, the cutest thing, I found this little pine cone at the bottom of my bag, which Grace gave to me on a recent trip to our local woods. Cute. I always seem to have a little keepsake from her with me. It’s the little things and I quite often find it difficult to throw things like this away, burrowing little trinkets into every available space in our house.

So that’s about it. Quite a lot for such a small bag I guess. Well it is pretty full and everything falls out when I need to get something out! Maybe I should just use one of my larger bags…….

What do you think of this little lot? Are you (nosey) like me and love reading these kind of posts?

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