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If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember that a year or so ago I was having gel or shellac applied to my nails regularly and had been for quite some time. Because I had been doing this for a few years, I decided last summer to give my nails a break and go back to my own, eeek! I braved it, and removed the shellac myself and actually my nails have been in pretty good condition as a whole, growing nicely, until the last few weeks when they seem to have lost all strength and snap at a moments notice.

For the most I’m pretty happy with keeping my nails short and to be honest, with two little ones to look after, short is best for most mumsy situations. Occasionally though I quite like to have my nails looking a bit more special, so I thought I’d give the new Salon Acrylic French nails from Kiss a go to see how I got on with have longer nails and stick on ones at that!

This range from Kiss comes in a few different lengths, all in the recognisable french pink with white tips and available from most Boots stores for about £7/£8. I opted for the ‘Real Short’* (RS) length, thinking this would be long enough for me anyway (going from practically no length at all).

In the box they look pretty much like any other kind of false nail really. I haven’t tried stick on nail in years, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from these. The nails are thicker than a lot of false nails for added strength, but not particularly noticeably so. I’m used to really thin nails and always requested extra thin shellac from my nail technician, so knew that these would no doubt feel a bit different. I was looking forward to trying them and making my hands a bit glam!

Inside the pack there are 28 nails of various sizes. The easiest way to get the best look is suss out which number each nail is on one hand, lay them out so you’re clear on which is which and then match up the numbers for the other hand. In some cases I find that the numbers vary but for the most they’re generally the same give or take 1 number. Once you’re happy with your selection, you can start applying!

When applying any false nails, it’s important to make sure your nails are clean of any polish by giving them a little wipe with acetone and also that your cuticles are pushed back, so that the nails have a nice even bed to stick to. Once you’re happy that your nails are ready for the falsies, you just apply the glue provided to the back of the nail and to your nail, align the nail with your cuticle, press and hold in place for 5 seconds.

5 seconds is literally all it takes. In fact, after the glue on the false nail comes in contact with the glue on your real nail, they pretty much stick straight away, so make sure that you align them at your cuticle accurately as you won’t be able to move them once the glue touches.

Once the nail has stuck you can then remove the tab on the end by bending it down and up. If you end up with a little rough bit on the end of the nail, you can just gently file it away with the file provided. Voila! A pretty cool finish!

I was really pleased with how the nails look over all. I think you’ll agree that while they look false, I don’t think you can tell whether they are stick on, acrylic, gel or shellac. They have a really realistic finish to them and the best I can remember ever trying.

I’m also really impressed with how firm they feel. There is no chance that these nails are budging and I’m completely happy about going out and about wearing them and am not worried about them popping off at all. I remember with stick on nails I’ve used in the past that just have sticky backs, that they were forever popping off and just weren’t worth the bother. I’d apply them before going out and by the time I got to the pub, I’d usually lost a couple. So these are great!

Now when it comes to removing them and I’ve not got this far yet, I’ve read from the packaging that it’s as easy as soaking your nails in acetone or artificial nail remover until they go soft and then you can wipe them off, which pretty much sounds the same as removing shellac. So when it comes to the time, if this experience is far from the ordinary, I’ll make sure I update this post! The packaging also states that more than 7 days wear is not recommended, so I’ll be removing them next weekend.

What do you think? For a special occasion do you or would you wear french acrylic salon style stick on nails like these?

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