Achieve Salon Finish Gel Nails At Home


I’m a huge lover of gel nails and finding ways to save money, so the idea of being able to do my own gel nails from the comfort of my own home has always sounded very appealing. So when I came across the Kiss Pro LED Gel Lamp and it’s great range of gel shades I was excited to try it!

Kiss Say…

“Kiss Pro LED Gel Lamp is a multi-dimensional reflective interior design, curing gels quickly and evenly! This lamp allows you to easily create professional gel manicures and pedicures from the comfort of your own home.”

This handy little Gel Lamp* is available from Amazon for £34.99 and claims to cure nails faster than other home kit lamps. It comes with mains adapter, handy instruction leaflet and has a simple on/off switch and timer button. Together with the lamp, for salon finish gel nails at home you will need a base coat, your chosen gel shade and a top coat too. All available from Kiss.

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The first shade I thought I’d try was Ballet, which is this pretty light pink. I thought it might be a good idea to start with a lighter shade in case of any massive mistakes, as this is the first time I’ve even tried anything like this at home. Well excluding when I tried to do my own acrylics once and they looked and felt like shovels!

The instructions that come with the lamp are really clear, as are the instructions on the back of each nail polish. There is a base gel that you need to use, then cure for 30 seconds, the colour itself which you cure for 60 seconds and then a top coat which you cure for 30 seconds.

Starting with the 4 fingers and going through all stages, I then moved onto the thumbs and did them last. Obviously I made sure my nails were clean of any polish, filed and dry before starting the process and made sure that any cuticles were pushed back neatly.

Because this particular shade is very light, I needed 4 coats to get a dense enough colour, so unfortunately the gel ended up thicker than I hoped. In hindsight, like my nail technician used to, I would have probably used a white coat first to even the nail appearance and then the colour over the top. I could have probably got away with just two coats then.

So yes, these aren’t the most perfect looking nails but it was my first attempt and I thought as a total novice it would be good to show you the look you can achieve, which is pretty good, when you too are totally new to the process like me.

Achieve That Salon Finish

So here’s a few really handy tips that will help you achieve that salon finish.

  1. Ensure nails are dry and cuticles are pushed back before applying base coat
  2. Make sure to not paint over the cuticles or skin, or else the gel will peel off easily when cured
  3. Keep coats thin and apply more if needed (no one likes or can use shovel nails!)

Once I’d completed all stages on all fingers and thumbs I washed my hands and gave my nails a nice soapy wash to wash off any excess top coat stickiness and voila, shiny gel nails at home! Giving this set 2/3 runs and I will have recouped the price of a set of gels at my local salon, so it seems pretty worth it to me!

With a few more shades to now try and having got the first daunting trial out of the way, I’m looking forward to seeing how the next set turn out. Hopefully in a week or so. The gel can last up to 14 days, so fingers crossed! Check out how I remove my gel/shellac at home too, or if you prefer glue on nails, these glue & go acrylics are brilliant!

Have you ever tried a home kit like this? How did you first attempt turn out?


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