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One of the most important things for us when planning our house move is getting the girls rooms decorated and ready for them before we move in. We feel that especially for our eldest Grace, who’s 3, it would be lovely for her to be able to move in and see the room all completed that she’s helped to decorate. It’s so important for us that she especially feels involved.

So when it comes to thinking about how we can make the girls new bedrooms special, we’ve first started looking at what pieces we’d like to re-use that they’ve already got in their rooms, together with what we’d like to add or change.

Grace just over a year ago moved into a bigger girls bed and we picked this white sleigh bed up from a friend, who’s little boy wanted a bigger big boys bed! We were thrilled to grab this bargain (originally from Amazon I believe) as it was more than half the price of a brand new one and was in really good condition. Grace loves it and for the time being this will be definitely going in her new room.

We’re also still pleased with the bedding we bought her from Dunelm too, the floral print and birds are really cute and are sure to fit in well with her new room design. This duvet and pillow case set also matches the mini canvas pictures and bunting in Evalyn’s nursery, plus a throw that Grace uses on her bed in the winter. So a great purchase and one I can see them using for a while.

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Something new that we are thrilled to be able to add to Grace’s new room (and current room as she couldn’t wait to start using it & playing with it with her dolls!) is this super cute wooden chair from My 1st Years.

This is the Personalised White Wooden Childrens Chair which is the perfect addition to the white wooden furniture we already have in the girls rooms and the fact that I could get it personalised with her name was fantastic! ‘Grace’ is one of the words that Grace really recognises at the moments, so she knows this is her chair. Well rag dolls too I think (who’s called Rosie and is from Silver Cross, picked up at John Lewis).


One of the things that Grace talked about having around her new bed was a princess canopy and this pink net with added glitter sequins adds a little charm to her white room. We picked up this voile bed canopy from Amazon and it adds a lovely girlie glam vibe to her bed area.

Also whilst we haven’t added any colour to her current bedroom (because we knew we’d be moving), it adds colour from ceiling to floor which was much needed. Despite Grace getting tangled up in it in her sleep occasionally, this is going to fit perfectly into her new bedroom scheme. Fit for our biggest princess!

With Evalyn, the poor poppet, since she arrived in Sept 2014 we’ve been buying a house, had a house fall through and been adamant ever since that we would be moving this year some time. So when she moved into her own room, Grace’s old room, she gained the previous decor, which we still love, but she’s had no special touches added that are her own.


So this beautiful Pink Stripe Cable Knit blanket, again personalised, is so special. It’s the first part of Evalyn’s existing and will be new bedroom, that is especially for her.

I love how thick this blanket is, lined with soft jersey, it’s so cuddly. This is going to be so useful not only her in her bedroom but also on the pushchair as the days get colder. There are so many ways we’ll use this. A perfect addition to Evalyn’s new space. I hope she likes it too!

In Evalyn’s room currently is the lovely Twinkle Twinkle transfer that I stuck up when Grace was born. We love this so much and it’s really suited both of our girls as we sing this to Evalyn before she goes down for a nap, as we did Grace.


I’ve seen some amazing wall stickers from Made Of Sundays in Finland. They’ve got spots, confetti, triangles, hearts in sheets of 150 dots for example, in a choice of loads of different colours, we could stick them all over their walls however we like. I love the example below and would love to use pink and grey spots (Grace’s idea!) on a different shade pink wall. Can’t wait to get started!

We could easily get carried away with all the lovely things we’d like to add to the girls rooms to make them special for them and especially like the idea of a den or wigwam as a hideaway or reading area. This pink floral one from Not on The High Street is perfect and if there’s enough room in Grace’s room, I’m going to get one.


Storage is a big thing that we’ll have to consider for both girls and I’ve seen some great solutions, like the Stuva range from Ikea that might have to be seriously considered. If only there were a store locally; the nearest to us in Cornwall is Bristol. Very local!

I love how there are areas for storage but also a desk to sit at, shelves too and you can mix and match the solution that works for you with all components fitting together. This is pretty cool and would work perfectly with the furniture we already have. Love the pink option too!

As far as accessories are concerned, I want soft lighting options as well as normal light for reading, drawing etc. I’d like Grace to have a lovely bedside table and lamp. I think this is something I’ll be getting Grace to help me pick, as there are so many cute options out there and together with picking her paint colour and maybe even painting a few strokes, she’ll feel that she’s really be involved in getting her new room ready.

So completion date is imminent (fingers crossed) and I can’t wait to get the keys and get started.

Are you planning a house move and also considering what to do with your children’s bedrooms next?

I’m sure that when we do move and get Grace and Evalyn’s rooms sorted that I’ll update you again. Hopefully it won’t be too long!



  1. November 3, 2015 / 5:34 pm

    I’m sure you’re going to design both the girls rooms beautifully! I love Grace’s chair – so sweet <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. November 12, 2015 / 5:38 am

    I love these pictures,and thanks for your sharing

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