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If you’ve thought about moving or are in the process of planning a move, when there’s children involved it can feel even more daunting. We’re currently in the process of buying a new home and should be completing very soon and whilst our eldest daughter (who’s 3) is excited about her new home, she also expresses signs of doubt too. Understandable when all she’s known is the home she’s currently living in.

So for us at the moment, we’re seriously thinking about how to make the move fun and something she’ll embrace and get excited about when the time comes.

Firstly, immediately that we felt we’d found the right house we got Grace involved. When moving house with children it’s really important to get little ones involved at the early stages. This will no doubt help when it comes to making the final move. We took her with us to view the property the second time and discussed which bedroom might be hers. She asked then if she could have friends for a sleep-over when we move, which was a good sign.

We also chatted about the garden and how much more room she’d have to play in and that we could finally get the trampoline that she’s wanted. This seemed to really incentivise the process; something which she’s talked about numerous times since.

We want to make the move a positive one for Grace, so we talk about all of the new things she’ll be able to do in the new house, including having friends around to play, run around and kick a ball in the bigger garden and how she’ll be living closer to Granny and Grandad and her good friend Leo. All this positivity will make her associate the move with good things and hopefully help her to forget what she’s leaving behind.

We actually packed most of our belongings a year ago before a house move fell through, so there won’t be an awful lot to do this time. Thank goodness! So with Grace now being at an age when she can help pack up some of her things, we’ll definitely be getting her involved. She really quite likes packing things anyway and likes to help when she stays over at Granny & Grandad’s.

When the day comes and we’re almost ready to go, I’ll ask her to pack a few of her favourite things into her rucksack to take in the car too, which will make her feel more in control of the situation and confident that she has everything with her that is important.

We’re hoping to be able to do some renovating and decorating before we move in, so on the top of our list is making sure that the girls bedrooms are just perfect before we move in. We want to make Grace as involved as possible with this and she’s already requested that all walls are painted pink, so pink it is!

I want to take her shopping for the paint and maybe even find a couple of new pieces of furniture or accessories that she would like in her new room too. Again this will make her feel much more in control and hopefully look forward to the move.

Moving is such a big moment in anyone’s life but for children it can be daunting and I fear that our girls and Grace in particular will worry about the move so anything that I can do beforehand to eliminate this worry is worth it.

I think my husband really wants to get that trampoline in place for moving in date too, with a big ribbon tied around it! That will certainly be a special moment seeing Grace’s face!

Are you planning a move soon? If so, I hope my tips for making it fun help!

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