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Fit for life? Well January at least. It seems the thing to do; get Christmas over and done with, eating and drinking excessively along the way and then hitting the gym hard in January. It’s all over my social media channel feeds at the moment; even Kim K West is at it! And we all love to know how many times everyone’s been to the gym this week, don’t we?!

In the past I’ve always been the one to avoid getting into a gym routine in January and joining all those other ‘try hards’ who’ll join a gym, go with gusto for the first few days/weeks and then stop before the month is out. But this year, with a free gym in our basement at work and those few wobbly bits screaming at me to be tightened, I thought it rude not to. I’ll at least try to spare everyone from the social media commentary though!

Hi Fitness, Remember Me?

So the last time I was involved in anything to be considered ‘fitness’  related (apart from daily running around after the girls; which by the way is possibly the best and most fun work out you can get!), was July. July being the cut off point from maternity leave and starting back at work. From that point, sadly, my yoga and Charlotte Crosby work outs took a back seat. Gutted.

It wasn’t for lack of time really, although I like to say it was, it was more a case of having no energy left in the bank to consider fitting in some exercise. Work, home life, moving house, and being a ‘perfect’ wife and mum was just enough for the later half of last year thanks. An impossible task on it’s own, let alone finding time and the inclination to work out too.

Fit For Life

Just before Christmas however, something in my brain changed. A switch flicked, a light bulb went on that hadn’t been lit for a while. My mojo came back! I have no idea where from or why it did but all of a sudden I wanted to get in the gym and tone those crying wobbly bits and actually take some time out for me. Something us mum’s forget about a lot of the time.

Now that we’ve moved house and I no longer live 5 mins from work, it seemed like the most sensible way to spend my lunch hour and so from the start of January, I’ve been in the gym. Yep, it happened and I’m pleased to say that so far I’m still enjoying it and actually kinda look forward to it!

Getting Back In The Gym

To start off with and so as to not completely freak my system out, I started with light cardio, getting my body used to working again. For 30 mins a day, 2/3 times a week I started with a little running, cycling, rowing and the odd ‘I know what I’m doing’ stretch thrown in for good measure.

Then along came Kayla; Kayla Istines. Introduced by a couple of work pals, I met Kayla and not in the physical sense but her fitness programme, only a few weeks ago. Kayla’s fitness schedules are most definitely something I would have poo pooed a few months back but now I’ve given it a go I have to say, I quite enjoy it!

Now whilst I’m not going full force like some of the other girls in my office, on those 3 days I am working I’m making a real effort to take part in the sessions, with Monday’s Legs & Cardio and Wednesday’s Arms & Abs being the real heroes. Although there have most definitely been some moments when I’ve wondered what the hell I’m doing (starting the programme in week 4 was a bad idea!) and have been sore in places I didn’t know I had muscle, the variety of routines you follow on this programme encourages you to keep it up.

So why do I think I’ve so far kept up this new gym routine?

The work gym is free!

Financially I’m not at a loss if I give it up. A massive relief! For me, going to the gym should be something I enjoy doing and not something I’m forcing myself to do because I might lose money if I don’t. Psychologically it seems to make a difference for me. If you can find somewhere to work out for free, even if it’s outdoors, give it a try!

Make Better Use of Free Time

I work further from home now so if I don’t go to the gym at lunch time, I’d probably online shop or continue to work and not take a break. And this is NOT an option. As a mum I need to learn to make better us of my free time and this is the perfect start.

Get Yourself A Gym Buddy

Having people to work out with makes a massive difference. Having gym buddies and encouraging each other along the way is such a massive help, especially to those of us who don’t  have that ‘fitness gene’! If you can go through the highs and lows with someone else, you’ll be amazed at your raised levels of motivation.

Boost Self Esteem & General Well Being

I’ve already started to feel better in myself. I wanted to make the most of some me time and I feel like this is doing just that. I feel already better in myself for doing something for me and that is worth it’s weight in gold.

A few weeks in and today I’m having a rest day. 2 days this week was enough. Listening to your body is as equally important as working it hard. Next week I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again and no doubt I’ll be running ragged at home over the next few days; which definitely equates to a weekend work out too!

It’s not been about losing weight for me. Unlike a lot of people who probably join the gym at this time of year, my fitness craving is more about toning and generally feeling better about myself.

So,  fit for life? Well, so far so good; I’ll let you know how I’m going in a few weeks!

Have you started using the gym this year? How are you coping with your new fitness schedule? Still enthused or starting to flag?



  1. February 5, 2016 / 1:17 am

    Oh gosh I certainly need to get my butt into gear with fitness, it all seems to go pear shaped towards the end of the year! I am so unhappy with how I am so need to do some yoga and build up xxx

  2. February 6, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    Good for you for getting back into the gym! I’m starting to feel really guilty for not regularly exercising but I’ve not found something I love doing yet…

    Gisforgingers xx

  3. February 9, 2016 / 8:33 am

    Admittedly it is hard to find something I like to do in the gym too but having ‘gym buddies’ is such a help. Find someone who wants to get fit with you and that’s half your battle! x

  4. February 9, 2016 / 8:33 am

    Yoga’s great isn’t it! It’s been a while since I did any and I really miss it. x

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