Neck Contouring | Brilliance or Bonkers?


I’m all for trying out new trends in beauty or fashion. I’m even a little partial to trying out new interior ideas and certainly guilty of jumping on the odd band wagon here and there. But this week I discovered a new sensation that I’m pretty sure I won’t be giving a go; neck contouring.

If you’ve not heard about it already, Huda Kattan (known in the blogger’sphere as Huda Beauty) has recently posted a video showing us how we can contour the back of our neck to make the nape look slimmer. We’ve all seen and maybe even tried the odd bit of contouring of our decolletage and up into our neck area, but the back of our neck?! Really?

Admittedly the results of Huda’s neck contouring are actually pretty flawless and really quite beautiful (you can check it out here), but seriously, even if you’re wearing that slinky evening gown with your hair piled high, who has the time and inclination to actually attempt and pull off neck contouring? I’m not sure that my arms would even bend sufficiently back like that to be able to brush straight lines, let alone blend them flawlessly. It’s bad enough me trying to curl the hair at the back of my head!

Being slammed by social media, Huda’s beauty hack has so far proved to really divide opinion. Her video has still had over 70,000 likes but the back lash on social media has certainly been a little less positive than some of her previous video hits.

I mean talk about making us all paranoid. Not only will some people be constantly worried that their face, nose, eye makeup isn’t flawless enough, look slim enough but now it’s suggested that we could be making our necks look slimmer too. Because we all worry that our necks look fat don’t we?! It’s insane. One commenter on Huda’s Instagram summed it up perfectly:

“What the hell, might as well contour our bingo arms as well…”

So will this new sensation of neck contouring become a trend we’ll all be following in months/years to come? I really doubt it. What do you think? Brilliance or just pure bonkers?


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