ESPA Hair | A Spa In A Bottle

ESPA HairIf you were told that you could enjoy the clean, nourishing feeling of a high quality shampoo and conditioner with a cheeky spa treatment thrown in for free, you’d be interested right?

ESPA, a brand I’d usually associate with spa treatments and skincare products, have just unveiled their new hair care range, including the Purifying Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner, which I was thrilled to try and believe me, it’s a spa in a bottle!

A Spa In A Bottle

Showers are ideal for me these days; there’s no time for baths (and even showers get interrupted by the ‘Mummy’ call or a sneaky opening of the shower door by tiny hands) and when I first lathered the ESPA Purifying Shampoo into my hair, I was instantly struck by the amazing spa scent.


With the steam of the hot shower and the scent of the shampoo I was transported back to the Therma Spa in Bath and their amazing aroma steam rooms. What a way to wake up in the morning!

This amazing scent that ESPA have created is thanks to the clever blend of bergamot, jasmine and cedarwood and trust me, with such a small drop it gives you the sense of clean and fresh hair along with a super awake ‘ready to start the day’ sensation; which is a treat for anyone, mum or not!

My hair is short these days and with the style I wear it is rarely free of product; I’m a massive fan of volumising dry shampoo and thickening spray and usually apply it as soon as my hair’s dry. So in order to really give this shampoo a go and see how it feels after washing and drying, I’ve gone product free.

With a lot of shampoos the smell can be amazing when lathered but becomes next to nothing the minute your add heat but the scent of the ESPA hair range actually lingers well after your hair has dried, which is a gorgeous reminder throughout a hectic day of the 3 mins of ‘you time’ you managed to grab earlier that day!

Along with the scent, this shampoo and conditioner is great for cleaning the hair and making it feel nourished. My hair can be a bit tricky to find products for, it can get really limp really quickly and so far these products have left it feeling light and not weighed down at all.

Making It Last

One thing I have noticed about using dry shampoo and especially the thickening variety regularly is it can take a couple of wash/rinses before the thickness really washes out.

So one thing I would suggest about using the Purifying Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner from ESPA at their price point, is if like me you’re a fan of thickening products to possibly use a cheaper brand of shampoo to clean the hair the first time, rinse and then use ESPA for a second wash.

I think this tip will certainly help the products to last longer and will give you a better feel for it’s cleansing ability.


Due to the design of the bottles, which are really luxurious and salon like in their appearance, the quantity of product that you get in one pump is a little on the small side, so I guess this is a pretty good way of getting the product to last too. I need about 10 pumps for my short hair alone but it does certainly eliminate the opportunity of wastage.

Lasting Impression

Overall I thought this range was really quite good. Reviewing hair care is always a tough one, not only because everyone’s hair is different but I find that products can work one day and not so much the next, dependant on the time of year especially.

The ESPA products I’ve tried so far however have been really lovely. My hair has felt cared for and clean, very important but the real hero for me has to be the scent; pretty dreamy and relaxing and is something I’ve not come across with shampoo before.

Suitable for all hair types, including treated hair, I’d certainly encourage you to try ESPA hair products if you can. If you like the idea of a spa in a shower, this range will be perfect for you!


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