3 Top Tips to Wunderbrow Like a Pro

Wunderbrow in Brunette

If you’ve seen the Wunderbrow ads all over the television and social network channels and are either wondering whether to purchase it or have recently bought it and can’t quite work out the best way to apply it, then this post could be for you. Having now been trying Wunderbrow for a month or so, I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve learnt along my journey in upping my brow game!

My Brow History

To give you a brief brow history (because we all have one!), I’ve not always had a fuller brow or even wanted one for that matter. Back in the 90’s when thin brows were cool, yes that did happen, I over plucked and I know that I’m not alone as I’ve heard so many others say they did the same thing.

It’s incredible to believe that single hair thick brows were actually fashionable once and I would have never thought back then that fuller, natural looking brows, that I couldn’t wait to pluck out, would one day be the in thing. Now everywhere you go there’s tutorials and tips for creating the fuller brow or faking it if like me you have a few follically challenged brow patches. The struggle of a teen who grew up in the 90’s is real!

I’ve tried numerous powders and pencils to fill my gaps over the years and have recently been quite fond of a palette which is the perfect tone for my brows and stays pretty well throughout the day; that is until I go to the gym in my lunch break and need to shower before heading back to my desk.

Hearing Good Things About Wunderbrow

Hearing about Wunderbrow and it’s Permafix Gel, I knew I wanted to give it a try and put it through it’s paces. So when I was approached to see what I thought, I couldn’t wait!

Together with always searching for the perfect brow, the Kayla workouts I’ve been doing lately have also been pretty intense leaving me with no other choice but to shower during my lunch break and no-body wants a wonky brow at the office! So I was especially looking forward to seeing whether Wunderbrow could withstand my workouts and the shower humidity.

After application of Wunderbrow in Brunette

Product V’s Technique – My Top Tips

I’m a big believer that the success of every product we try is down to 50% product and 50% application technique, so with that in mind and having been using Wunder2‘s Wunderbrow now for a month or so I thought I’d share my top 3 tips for mastering the application technique of a brow gel.

  1. Invest In A Good Slanted Eyebrow Brush The brush that comes with the gel is a little clunky and whilst it’s perfect for adding the product to the wider parts of the brow, it’s not so great at the finer detail and especially the brow tip. I use the Mac small angle brush 226 which I find is perfect for adding thinner, finer strokes where needed. Whether using wet or dry, it just gives the brow that little bit of extra finesse that the supplied brush doesn’t.
  2. Spool, Spool & Spool Again The Wunderbrow gel comes with a spoolie brush for a really good reason. When applying the product it can hold the brow hairs together in clumps if not spooled through. So I use the spoolie brush to comb through the brows firstly before applying any product, then once I’ve applied the gel I leave it to dry whilst applying to the second brow and then go back to the first and spool through. Then I can see if there are any obvious gaps, fill, leave to dry a little and then spool again. You can’t spool enough in my opinion if you’re searching for a natural look. Spooling also makes the eyebrow hairs separate and appear more 3 dimensional; adding brow va va voom!
  3. Nothing Is Forever!
    Don’t be scared off by the semi permanency of this product. It’s brilliant that it does stay put (and it really does) but equally when you’re trying it for the first few times you might think, “what if I get it wrong and it’s stuck there”! This isn’t a problem. Whilst the product does dry quickly, there is time if you mess up to correct it. I find a q-tip to be really useful for this. Applying a little concealer with a small concealer brush to the edges of the brow can tidy the edges too. Also, if you want to remove them for any reason, the gel is removable with a good makeup remover and a good scrub. So don’t worry, nothing is forever!

So these are my top 3 tips for using Wunderbrow and I’ve certainly altered the way that I use it as I’ve developed my own technique, which I’m sure you will do too. Our brows are all different, so our technique for application of brow products will be as well, but this product is certainly perfect for adding fullness, definition and filling in those pesky gaps; so it’s a must try!

I’ve seen lots of great videos on social network channels showing me how water resistant this product is and wow is it just (perfect for holding in place during my post workout shower!) but I hadn’t really come across anyone imparting their tips in order for me to perfect my own technique, so I hope you find these useful!



  1. Julie
    December 9, 2016 / 11:11 am

    i have problem getting the gel out the bottle when it’s near the end, the brush is no long enough to reach the bottom, my angle brush is too wide to go through the neck of the bottle.

    Do you have any advice on this?

  2. Sandra
    January 26, 2017 / 6:57 pm

    I have to apply Wonderbrow everyday because it comes off when I wash my face at night. I thought it was lasted for days.

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