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Fringe Bags (Image credit: Zara)

Fringe details have been on the catwalk and high street for years but it’s not until this years Paris Fashion Week that I really begun to take notice of this trend and wondered how I could incorporate it into my wardrobe; without looking like a cowboy!

Fringed jackets are the first items that might spring to mind when thinking about fringe detailing and yes, there are plenty of jackets, especially suede and leather that incorporate this detail but the trend doesn’t stop there. Bags, shoes, necklaces, swimwear you name it. If you can think of a piece of clothing, shoe or accessory, I can guarantee that someone has put a fringe on it this Spring!

Less Is Often More

As far as fringing goes, I’m not into the full on fringe look, head to toe blowing in the breeze, ‘I’m from the Wild West and don’t care’ kind of look. I’m a more subtle fringe wearer, like many of us I’m sure, so here’s my pick of some of my favourtie fringe bags available this Spring; in my opinion one of the easiest fringe trends to follow and get right.

Fringe Bag; Zara

The ‘I Don’t Travel Light’ Fringe  Bag

Firstly I thought I’d share with you this Fringed Leather Bucket Bag from Zara; it’s so lovely. In a russet (Brick) suede, with it’s tassel drawstring closure and approx 30cm x 30cm in size, this is the perfect bag for someone who likes to carry ‘stuff’.

Days Spent in Denim

Or how about this cute Star Mela cross body bag with its beaded fringing; perfect for festivals and days spent in denim. This is a firm favourite on mine. Available from ASOS, this beauty has a suede outer and again has a drawstring closure. It’s smaller than the Zara one mentioned above at approx 26cm x 24cm, so perfect for day trips and casual Spring/Summer evenings carrying just the essentials.

1.ASOS Star Mela

Fringe bags don’t just have to be black (like I’m currently using) or browns and tans, there are also loads of other colours out there to choose from; red, blue and another of my favourites, grey.

Small But Perfectly Formed

F&F at Tesco do some amazingly priced graduated fringe bags but how about this compact over the shoulder or cross body bag by Et DAY Birger et Mikkelsen at John Lewis. Not a brand I’d heard of before either and admittedly the price is pretty steep, but I can’t help but admire it all the same!

Fringe Bag; Et DAY Birger et Mikkelsen at  John Lewis

If you’re looking for a fringe bag to compliment an evening outfit there are also some really cute clutches to pick from like this Tassel Trim Faith clutch from Boo Hoo. Quite the statement!

If you’re thinking of grabbing yourself a fringe bag this Spring and being bang on trend, let me know which style you go for!


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