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Tweexy On The Go!

I must admit, I do feel a tiny touch smug sometimes when I look at my surroundings and realise how beautiful they are. Don’t get me wrong, I loved living in the city; the hustle and bustle, the shops, but since moving back to Cornwall a number of years back and bringing our children up here really does put life back into perspective.

Which brings me onto my latest revelation in beauty, which also combines another love of mine; visiting the beach. Myself and my family hit the beach regularly, with some stunning little spots like Gunwalloe Church Cove, Kynance Cove and pictured here, Poldhu Cove, all on our doorstep. And I’m talking an 8 min drive max, in traffic.

We know we’re blessed and to make sure that we make the most of this, as soon as the weather is dry and the sun peeps out from behind the clouds; we’re on the beach.

Tweexy On The Go; The Beautiful Poldhu Cove, Cornwall Tweexy On The Go; The Beautiful Poldhu Cove, Cornwall

So when I discovered Tweexy, the original wearable nail varnish holder (you’ve probably seen the videos on social media), I just had to try one. I’m always trying to combine more than one thing at once and for me, trying to hold a nail varnish pot between my knees, or clumsily in my other hand has pretty much always been a true pain. Never did I think that there could actually be a solution, that a ‘nail varnish holder’ could actually be ‘a thing’! But it certainly is!

Designed over 2 years, this gorgeous, rubber holder, fits all bottles and finger sizes. It has little pinchers on the sides to enable you to remove the Tweexy to switch hands during application and inside the Tweexy the rubber expands to which ever size bottle you place inside. It’s brilliant!

I find that using Tweexy on my first two fingers is the most stable and it really does hold any bottle size; big, small, square, round – you name it! When the bottle of varnish is getting a little low and you need to tilt it slightly to get the varnish onto the brush, Tweexy aids this just perfectly. Just hold your hand on a slight angle and bingo. And even on the beach, whilst watching my girls play in the little river, I can quickly apply my polish, let the sun dry it and carry on with my day. I’m completely obsessed!

Of course with any design genius, like the Tweexy, you will always find imitations. Tweexy is the original though and by far the best out there, so if you love nail polish, you really need to snap one up now from here. With FREE delivery (approx 3 days) and a 10 year guarantee, it’s a no brainer.

If you’re anything like me, once you get your hands on one, you’ll be seeing which strange locations you can take it to next! For me I’ve tried the beach, swimming pool, office desk and even the car. Get one today and I’d love to hear the strangest place you use your Tweexy!


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