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Picadilly Semainier Chest (Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

Having moved into our house over 6 months ago now, we’ve finally started (after lots and lots of painting) to think about purchasing furniture; especially for the under stairs area, hallway and lounge. We decided that we’d start the massive furnishing task by aiming to complete as much of the ground floor as possible by Christmas.

We thought this was pretty reasonable but after a month or so of looking around online for pieces of furniture that we like, will fit in with our style, the space available and are also within our budget, we’ve started to feel a little deflated. We really like a load of IKEA bits but we don’t want to kit the whole house in it and finding alternatives has proved tricky and time really is starting to tick by, fast!

So during one of our usual internet search evenings just recently we came across a company called Maisons du Monde and they have the most amazing range of furniture in various styles, that scream individuality and really opened our eyes to what we could possibly do with some of our spaces. Yes, these pieces are more expensive than IKEA, but selecting the odd piece to mingle in among some cheaper ones is the perfect way to ensure you make your space individual to you, without breaking the bank!

Today I thought I’d share some of the beauties we’ve recently discovered and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re completely A-mazing. To be honest, the problem I’m going to have now is picking which ones to buy! Um, all of them?!

To start, the beautifully different chest of drawers above, made from solid mango wood in its vintage style with cute, random sized drawers in different colours is one of the first pieces that caught my eye. I just adore it. It’s got the gorgeous vintage feel that I love, designed with a contemporary edge and colour palette. It’s the most perfect piece we’ve found to date to sit under our stairs. Ok Maisons du Monde, you’ve got my attention!

Gorgeous vintage collection (Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

Gorgeous vintage collection (Image Credit: Maisons du Monde)

Most of our furniture to date has been modern, straight lines and predominantly white and I never thought that vintage and modern could work together; until I saw this vintage inspired furniture collection. It’s like Maisons du Monde have tapped directly into my mind and have created pieces that combine the two quite different looks. And pretty perfectly in my opinion.

Together with larger pieces of furniture like the stunning sheesham wood sideboard above and rattan bedside table (how cute in that jade/blue colour), there are also some smaller vintage inspired pieces like this curved foot stool, origami bird statue and rattan peacock chair – completely reminiscent of glamorous times past.

The image above of the sideboard takes me back to my grandparents house. They built their own house back in the late 60’s and built a slate wall just like this, which they now hate. Oh if they knew just how fashionable they really are!

The whole collection, whilst maintaining true to the era, exquisite wood, cute patterns and colours, have a modern twist which makes them so much more accessible to those who love a vintage look but can’t commit to it 100%. A piece here and a piece there will give any modern interior that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’. Mixing contemporary lines with these little gems will add real character, within a modest budget and I can’t wait to start selecting my favourites!

Have you come across these guys before? Are you a lover of contemporary mixed with vintage like I am?


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