Limited Collection | Eyeshadow Palette

Limited Collection; Eyeshadow Palette

It’s been a while since I reviewed an eyeshadow palette, possibly the last one being around this time last year when I talked about the Maybelline Nudes Palette – which is still a favourite, so today I thought I’d show you the latest one that I’ve picked up, from M&S.

Whilst shopping the the other week I came across the Limited Collection palette of 12 neutral/brown shades, which looks perfect for both day and night eye looks. M&S hasn’t been somewhere that I’ve looked for and certainly not bought makeup from previously, so I thought I’d pick this one up and give it a try and for £12, I thought it seemed like a reasonable buy.

First Impressions

This 12 shade palette is a combination of both matte and shimmer shades, ranging from at one end of the spectrum the perfect all over eye nude bases and inner corner highlights, to the other end with the smokey eye dark and sultry browns and blacks. Not only a palette ideal for eye coverage but also eye lining and tight lining.

The casing is pretty cute too, completely clear and really nice and sturdy, accompanied by a double ended applicator and mini brush; super handy for making up on the go.

Shade Colour & Pigmentation

Onto the fun stuff; what do the shades actually look like and how well pigmented are they? Well, first impressions are really quite good.

Limited Collection; Eyeshadow Palette - shades
Limited Collection; Eyeshadow Palette - swatches

As you can see, the shades transfer to the skin in the exact way that you would hope and the pigmentation is really great, really intense, meaning you need very little, especially of the darker shades in order to achieve the desired look. Perfect for building without using tons of product, meaning less chance for major fallout too. And I’m yet to meet anyone who loves eye-shadow fallout!

The shades on the palette (and the way I’ve swatched them too), are in perfect batches for the way I’d used them:

  • Eyelid Coverage & Highlight: The first four shades are neutral nudes, perfect for eyelid coverage and corner eye highlight. I love to coat my lids with a base colour, usually something just a shade darker than my natural skin colour and I love to finish a look with a dab of highlight to the inside corner; for added ‘pop’!
  • Crease & Colour Building: The middle four shades are great for creases, blending beautifully into the base shade and also a little on the outer corner to start building depth to the look.
  • Depth & Drama: The far right four shades of browns and blacks are perfect for adding depth and drama to a smokey eye evening look. Perfect for layering over a more natural day look effortlessly.

These shades are great for building, perfect for creating a really subtle day look and building heavier when going into the evening. The shades blend really beautifully, although to get the flawless blend you’re probably better off using one of your favourite blending brushes, rather than the one provided. I found this brush a little small and whilst superb for small details, not so effective in blending larger areas.

I have noticed that the shades tend to settle in the creases if not using an eye primer, so make this a part of your routine and you’ll be fine with this palette. There are some great eye primers out there, with my personal favourite still being the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

So What Do I Think

I’m pretty pleased with this palette, I have to say. The range of colours is spot on, some reminding me a lot of the Urban Decay Naked2 palette that everyone seems to have owned at some point; I think I still have mine somewhere, with just dregs of my favourite shades left!

Value for money, I think this is bang on. You get a lot of product for your cash and the product itself feels good quality. The pigmentation is great and the looks you can achieve with it are endless.

Moral of the story, check out more of the M&S beauty range; the blush palette looks like a good one to try next! Have you tried any makeup from M&S before?


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