Ten Effects | Setting Spray & Skin Treat

Ten Effects; Setting Spray & Skin Treat

As you probably know, I’ve been a fan of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty collection since the get go. I’ve tried blusher, eye-shadow, foundation, nail polish the lot (with most of these still in my go-to everyday kit), so I was excited to hear that this autumn a couple of new products have been added to the Timeless Beauty line, with Ten Effects (skin treat and makeup fixer/setting spray) being the one that particularly caught my eye.

I’ve tried very few ‘face fixers’ but have used Urban Decays De-Slick on various makeup clients, with outstanding effects; making makeup last all day – a must for any bride, mother of the bride or bridesmaid! So together with the proclaimed ‘skin treat’ qualities, which of course every lady needs in their life, I was equally looking forward to seeing how well the ‘fixing’ quality of the product fared.

More Than Just a Setting Spray

A setting spray is a setting spray, right? Wrong! Timeless Beauty have combined setting technology; i.e. ‘magic’ (does anyone actually know what’s in a setting spray to make it actually set makeup, I presume it’s magic?), together with seven natural ingredients designed to give your skin an added treat at the same time. Sounds amazing doesn’t it!

“The super-rich revolutionary blend works to plump and rejuvenate the appearance of skin, add a hydrating youthful boost, minimise pores and tone skin with a PH balancing layer.” – Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

So what kind of ingredients are we talking about?

  • Allantoin: To help exfoliate and rejuvenate.
  • Red Algae Gel & Frescolat MGA: A combination to help calm the skin and sooth it from irritation.
  • Organic Rose Water: To help tighten pores and reduce redness.
  • Hyaluronic Acid & Glycerine: Helping moisturise and hydrate.
  • Vitamin E: Absolutely key in a skin treat, this will help protect the skin.

Combined, an undeniable extra to just a setting spray, I think you’ll agree.

My Experience

I’ve used this a good few times now and once I got used to spraying myself in the face with liquid, and many comical faces later, I began to really enjoy the effects of Ten Effects.

The pump is easy to use, you do need to hold it a decent distance from the face (a good arms length) to feel the full effect of one spray, but one spray does then certainly do the trick.

The smell of this product is not one of my favourites, if I’m completely honest. I can smell the rose water which I like but the combination of that together with pomegranate and mango is not one I’m a particular fan of in this case. Such a shame as it sounds like it could be really delicious. This is just my opinion though, so please don’t take my word for it if you’d like to try it. It’s not a major issue, just one of my observations.

I’ve used this over the top of a complete face of makeup (you can see Joan Collins talk about her top beauty tips here) and it sets it really nicely. It can also be used on natural skin, at the start or end of the day, to see the benefits of its skin treat qualities.

I use it at the end of the day, once I’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised, giving my skin a last minute treat before bed. If you do use it in this way, it’s worth noting that it should be applied before using any night creams or serums.

So What Do I Think

Whilst I’m not sure that I’m experiencing ‘ten’ effects just yet, I will say that Ten Effects sets my makeup really well and the skin treat properties are something that will (one hopes) reveal themselves over time.

For me, the smell lets this product down a little. As I’ve already said, it’s a personal thing, but for me it’s just an odd combination. If it just smelt of rose water, it would be perfect.

As far as the good points out weighing the bad though, this product definatley does. It feels cooling and refreshing on the skin, with or without makeup and the fact that my makeup stays put is brilliant.

To also know that I am not only setting my makeup in place but giving my skin a treat of 7 natural ingredients known to hydrate, soften, refine wrinkles, minimise pores, balance PH levels, firm, tone, cool and calm, makes me look forward to using it daily. I love a dual purpose product, I talk about them all the time and in this instance Ten Effects well and truly ticks the box.

Have you tried many setting sprays? Have you tried anything in the Timeless Beauty range yet?


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