Winter Staycation Of The Cornish Kind


Working and living in Cornwall definatley has it’s advantages. Gorgeous coastline and stunning beaches on your doorstep, any time of the year and when summer rolls around there are plenty of locations to choose from for day trip excursions; whether it’s a lazy day of sunbathing you’re after or a fun packed day filled with water sport activities.

Winter Staycation

But it’s when autumn and winter start to take hold and all the holiday makers have gone home that Cornwall really comes to life. No more beaches packed full of windbreaks and no more sharing your favourtie wave jumping spot on the shore line, just uninterrupted expanses of golden sand, wintry waves and endless peace and quiet!

Winter Staycation | Poldhu Cove, Cornwall

There are so many reasons why winter staycations rock, particularly in Cornwall but for me the main one is the beaches and Cornish coastline that there is to explore. Who wants to travel when you can pop to your local beach for a few hours of uniterrupted heaven. Not me!

Poldhu Cove, Lizard Peninsula

Poldhu Cove, also known as Black Pool Cove, is tucked away down on the Lizard Peninsula in South West Cornwall. It is a beautiful west-facing sandy beach, with a great expanse of golden sand, a river running into the sea (perfect for little people’s endless enjoyment) and plenty of rock pools to explore too.

When you arrive at Poldhu Cove, early morning, there will be just you and a couple of dog walkers, the lapping of the sea on the shore and a few hungry birds circling over shallow waters. It’s an absolute joy. I moved to Helston just short of a year ago and whilst I was very familiar with the area, I’d not discovered Poldhu Cove until just 9 months ago.

Winter Staycation | Poldhu Cove, Cornwall

On arriving to my favourite spot just last week, we were greeted mid morning by a riding school trotting and galloping around on the sand. Such a joy to watch and something you definitely won’t see during the summer months!

I could spend all day every day at Poldhu Cove. We’ve visited so many times since moving to the area and I have to say that autumn/winter is by far my favourite time. With the car park just over the road and the Poldhu Beach Cafe open 363 days of the year serving hot food and beverages of all kinds, this is by far a personal winter staycation favourite. How could it not be!

Portreath Beach, North Coast Cornwall

Portreath Beach is a totally different spot to Poldhu Cove but a favourite of mine non the less. Situated on the North Coast of Cornwall, this beach is more open and blustery; perfect for a winter staycation soul ‘reset’!

Again full of golden sand and plenty of rock pools to discover, together with the steam that runs through the centre and out to sea, Portreath Beach is a favourite of mine not just because  of it’s stunning views but also because it’s so local to my current place of work. It’s crazy really when I think about the delights that I have right on my doorstep.

Winter Staycation | Portreath Beach, Cornwall

A short walk across the beach and up the coastal path, past some beautiful houses perched precariously on the cliff sides, took me above the beach and to this beautiful view. With blue skys and a warm coat (!) it’s pretty amazing.

Back on the beach and exploring the rocky cliff faces and rocky sand, Portreath really is a delight and perfect for taking time to reflect and reset before heading back to work. With a paying car park and cafes, this is somewhere you can kick back and enjoy throughout the year; but in my opinion best enjoyed without the tourists!

Winter Staycation | Portreath Beach, Cornwall

If you’re lucky enough like me to live in Cornwall there really is no need to look further than your doorstep for winter activites. If there’s a particular coast you’ve not explored before, go find it. If there’s a favourite spot you love, go enjoy it.

Equally, if you’re not local and want to get away this winter, visit us! The beaches are divine, the coastline dramatic and menacing (at times). But please just don’t all come at once. We want this little winter staycation secret to remain one!


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  1. 20/10/2016 / 8:26 am

    I’ve not been to cornwall since I was a kid but I’ve never forgotten how beautiful it is. Your pictures have just made me want to visit again – hopefully soon <3

    Gisforgingers xx

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