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I’m sure everyone has various wish lists tucked away inside their brain, or sometimes written down really logically so that they don’t forget them. I have a mixture of both and with a whole bundle of techie gadgets that I’m loving and wishing for at the moment – and floating around in my brain, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you here; my first tech wish list.

These products are totally up my street and must haves for me right now. So let’s kick off with these beautiful headphones shall we – drool!

These relatively new Beats by Dr Dre Solo2 on ear wireless headphones, in Rose Gold (obvs!) are absolute beauties. I love music, taking it everywhere with me on my phone and I’m ever so slightly addicted to Spotify – so these wireless headphones, with their sleek design, perfect colour choice and wireless capabilities are a must have for me. No question.

Dr Dre Beats Solo2 in rose gold

When I’m on the go, travelling to client meetings on the tube or simply at home and don’t want to wake the kids, these are ideal – and pretty darn stylish too! If I could get my hands on these, I’d be a super happy lady! Only problem will be trying to keep them away from my girls or me singing really loudly and waking the kids anyway!

Keeping with the music theme, how about a wireless portable speaker that you can take anywhere and is also waterproof, perfect for those long soaks in the bath or lazy days in the garden with the kids; which will undoubtedly involve a water fight at some point! Yep, sounds pretty good to me too!

Panasonic SC-ALL005

The range of Panasonic Speaker Systems are pretty awesome and I’m especially fond of this one, the SC-ALL005. which comes in silver; sexy, has 9 hours battery life; super handy and is waterproof; genius! For me, being able to stream my music, from pretty much any source, into any room of the house or beyond, is pretty epic and definitely something I’ll be investing in.

Onto a couple of beauty tech must haves now, starting with the Luna Play, which is something I’ve had my eyes on for a while. I’ve seen great reviews for this little beauty (and its older sister LUNA) and thought it must be about time that I bagged one for myself.

Luna Play

My skin care routine has changed like a zillion times over the years; sometimes dedicating my time to a three step program, regular exfoliation, moisturising day and night etc and then others, like currently, I’ll be lucky if I get my makeup off before I fall into bed, with a ‘one step’ face wipe. I’m a cereal skin care ‘fall of the wagon’ type of girl and not afraid to raise my hand and admit it!

So the Luna Play is a battery operated mini facial cleanser (the size of a cotton pad), generating 8000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute, helping eliminate toxins and helping enhance the efficiency of a daily use cleanser. Sounds pretty neat! With this compact tool, just one minute is all it takes to achieve peachy-soft clean and glowing skin. A sought after every day treat that I’m going to be treating myself to pronto!

My next tech wish list item is really pretty cool. If you’ve heard of a Sensor Mirror then you probably want want just like me already.

Sensor Mirror

These sensor mirrors have up to 5x magnification and closely simulate natural sunlight, making makeup application as accurate and flawless as possible, without being in bright natural daylight itself; which we all know is pretty difficult on the best of days.

This little gem comes in various sizes, has sensors that automatically light up your face as you approach the mirror, has optimum magnification whilst still allowing you to see your entire face all at once and is distortion free, meaning you will always know when your makeup is colour correct and flawless. Well worth the money I’d say!

So what do you think of my list? Worth jotting down instead of floating about in my brain? I think so. The Luna Play is on my purchase list this month with the Panasonic Speaker System this summer.

What would you want to try first?


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