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Ray Ban New Gatsby's from SmartBuyGlasses

If you’re thinking about picking up some new sunnies this summer, then I really do think I’ve got the perfect frame for you!

I already wear Ray Ban glasses and have done for a while now, so on seeing the New Gatsby sunglasses frames popping up all over Pinterest lately, I knew I just had to try some.

This style is just the kind of thing I’m loving right now; with their cat eye shape frame and mirror lenses, they’ve got a similar feel to some much cheaper sunnies I picked up at the end of last summer – but these have now become my ‘go to’ eyewear for summer 2017!

Ray Ban New Gatsby's from SmartBuyGlasses

Ray Ban New Gatsby's from SmartBuyGlasses

Available from SmartBuyGlasses, they’ve got an awesome sale on their designer frames right now; including the New Gatsby’s!

The shape of these I think is really flattering and I love the different coloured mirror frames you can get. These are the green but they also come in black, pink, blue; all kinds of colours, which is pretty cool.

I had every intention on showing you not only how gorgeous these designer sunglasses are but also how beautiful the Cornish coast is, as I set off to take some product shots this morning; but instead the weather turned; typical! Whether wrapped in a hoody or sunbathing in a cute bikini though, the New Gatsby’s¬†certainly¬†look awesome!

Are you a bit like me and like updating your sunglasses each summer? Maybe you’ll think about trying these out?


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  1. May 10, 2017 / 9:12 am

    These glasses are awesome and really stand out! If my budget would allow I’d love a pair <3

    G is for Gingers xx

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