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Spending time in London this past weekend has been so good for the soul. I lived in London for a while and whilst I had a fabulous time working and living there, for various reasons I decided that it just wasn’t going to work for me long term. Ultimately I missed Cornwall; and it drew me back in.

You can take the girl out of Cornwall, but can’t take Cornwall out of the girl!

If anyone like me however has lived in the city for a spell, I think you’ll understand what I mean when I say that it’s always something that you miss. There’s something pretty awesome about the hustle and bustle that once you’ve tasted is, you never seem to be able to shake it- and having two children now, the opportunity to go back and visit has become fewer and fewer.

So to take a trip back, packing in some familiar sights, together with some new experiences, was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday and my new job. So much has happened over the last few months, and what better way to reset the batteries and feel grateful for all the awesome things in your life, than by creating new memories with the Mr (and we were child free too)!

During our stay we managed to squeeze in west end show ‘Wicked’, a hilarious performance from Micky Flanagan at the O2, a visit to the Shard, bargain hunting at Portobello Market, a trip on the Emirates cable cars across the Thames and cocktail drinking in the London Ice Bar. Quite the trip!





Visiting Portobello Market for me was a trip down memory lane. I used to live close, so I’d frequent the busy streets regularly, tasting different foods, picking up fresh fruit and vegetables and flowers to adorn my apartment. And our trip back was not a disappointment.

What is it about the sounds and smells of street markets that make you want dance in the street and eat burritos and paella at 9am!





Taking in some of the more touristy attractions too, we visited the Shard and took the Emirates cable car across the Thames to the O2. The views from 72 floors up were just incredible!

We had a cloudy day but the views were still just as impressive. Well worth a visit if you’re able – and make sure you take part in the virtual reality experiences too; let’s put it this way, I’m a screamer! Small piece of advise too, if you fancy the champagne experience (which is well worth it), make sure to enjoy your champagne after going on ‘The Slide’, not before!!




A gentle stroll along the river on Sunday morning towards Big Ben and Parliament Square ended our epic trip in proper tourist fashion. It’s a wonder really that even though I lived here, I still feel in awe of its famous landmarks and can still snap away on my phone, like it’s my first experience.

Such a great trip, so many photos taken and memories made and already loads of ‘would love to’s’ added to our list for next time. We had so much fun and can’t wait to go back.

If only ever weekend could be so action packed! Check out my instagram feed for loads more photos!


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