Pastel Spring Nails

New Wave, ImPress nails from Kiss

I’m a sucker for pink nails, and if you can combine pink with mirrored detail and florals, I’m certain to want to sample them. Spring nails are a particular favourite of mine, and these tick all the boxes.

These pretty nails from ImPRESS at Kiss are so lovely. A mixture of pastel pink, mirror and floral detail nails, in a variety of sizes means you can mix and match your style.

ImPRESS nails have become a firm favourite of mine since I discovered how well they stick and stay. I love gel nails but haven’t had them for a while due to expense of upkeep and my inability to be able to decide on a design I want for 3 weeks before infills! These temporary nails are the perfect solution and you can get a good weeks worth of wear if you prep and apply them correctly.

New Wave, ImPress nails from Kiss

Along with the nails themselves you also get a prep wipe, to clean your nails from any grease (ensuring the nails have a compeltely clean surface to grip to) and a small file to tidy the nails after application.

I like to measure up and lay out my nails before application, to make sure I’m happy with the fit of each. I then file my nails, prep with the wipe and I’m ready for application. It can then literally take 5 mins, so can easily be done last minute before leaving the house if you’re applying them for a special event or occasion. Ensure you press from base to tip first, to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped, and then side to side. I do this for a good 30 seconds per nail to ensure they’re as firmly fixed as possible. Then it’s a case of filing off any rough edges on the tip and you’re good to go!

I’m totally loving these ImPRESS nails. Affordable, gorgeous for spring and they really do last! Have you tried any of the range?


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