Welcome to Looks2BLoved, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. I’m Charlotte and I’ve been blogging for a number of years, writing about things I love, including beauty products, fashion trends and of course, my wonderful hubby, two beautiful girls and our life in glorious Cornwall, South West of England.

Looks2BLoved is my digital scrap book of ‘loves’, which can be anything from an eye-shadow palette I’ve recently tried, a pair of heels I picked up in the sales or an adventure I’ve been on recently with the fam fam, that I felt I just had to share.

Product Reviews

If you’d like to contact me about making a review, then please do. I always love to hear about new products and be given the opportunity to review and share my thoughts about them with my readers. Any products or services that I do review on Looks2BLoved will need to reflect the style of my blog and should any content or imagery be provided, it will need to be of good quality. All reviews will be honest and fair and 100% my own opinion.

Contact Me

Please contact me at looks2bloved@gmail.com for any suggestions, feedback or advertising enquiries. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Hope to hear from you soon!